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About Me May 29, 2012

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I am so glad you’ve decided to visit Embracing Everything Emma! This blog was created due to an inspiration from my sweet little girl, Emma (find more info in the “meaning behind the name” section), and a desire to share the life my husband, J.R., and I see God calling us to provide for her through something as simple as the way she dresses.

Linkous Family- Spring 2012

Linkous Family- Spring 2012


Linkous Family- Spring 2013

Linkous Family- Spring 2013 (minus Allie)

For more info about me:

I am Erinn. I am a faithful follower of my forgiving and merciful Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a wife to my amazing and loving husband, J.R. I am a mother to our precious baby girl, Emma Grayce. I am an adopted mother to our lovable puppy, Allie. I love to travel, read, plant flowers, sing, shop, watch football, spend time with our amazing friends and family, and most importantly- do anything and everything with J.R., Emma & Allie!


Welcome to Embracing Everything Emma! May 18, 2012

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Ahhh blogging. I have wanted to be a blogger for the past two years. I came up with ideas and then shot them down. I started to write and then stopped. And then I had Emma Grayce. She is the light of my life and has inspired me to write about HER. Along with writing about daily life as a mommy, I will mainly focus on Emma and her own personal fashion. I have always loved shopping. For pretty much anything, but especially clothes. And shoes. And jewelry. And anything else in those departments. When Emma was born that didn’t change but our budget did. So I had to begin refocusing HOW to shop for her and learning HOW you shop for your little one. I also have a huge concern and am disheartened by how we have begun to sexualize our children in what they wear and how they act. Now don’t get me wrong, Emma doesn’t have to wear shirts above her head and pants past her toes, but there’s a healthy balance between being extremely conservative and letting it all hang out, to say the least. I want to teach my daughter to be stylish but to respect her body. Her body is not her own and therefore she shouldn’t treat it as something to flaunt for the whole world to see. I want her to be pure in not only her sexuality but also in how she dresses. She shouldn’t be a stumbling block for others and I want her heavenly Father and future husband to look at how she has carried herself and be PROUD. This has to start with us as parents. I feel I’ve learned quite a few ropes and want to share those with you. So begins the writings of a frugal mommy raising her born to be fashionista…

Quick Detail About This Blog  

I will operate on a weekly basis. My posts will run Monday through Friday with Saturdays & Sundays off. So don’t stop visiting if you don’t see posts on those days.