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Stains, Stains, Go Away! June 4, 2012

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The first time Emma had a big, dirty diaper and it got on her clothes, I panicked. I remember thinking, “this will never come out”. Then I smacked myself and remembered where there is a will, there is a way! Her white shirt WOULD be white as snow again and with a little TLC, we could make it happen! So here are my nice little tips on how to remove stains from clothing:

#1- Do not, I repeat DO NOT, throw the outfit in the dirty clothes pile. Can you get the stain out after it has set for days? Maybe. Do you want to clean MORE clothes covered in poop now that all of the clothes have been contaminated? I think not. So I repeat, DO NOT throw the outfit in the dirty clothes pile.

#2- Immediately soak the article of clothing in hot water. My momma used to always do this and I have carried on the tradition. After you’ve let it soak for about 5 minutes, you’ll need to do some dirty work if there’s any loose items on the clothing (you get what I’m stepping in here?). Now if you’re new to this, put on some gloves first. For us experienced mommies, just stick your hands in and scrub away. That’s what they made sanitizer for, right?

#3- Spray some white vinegar on that puppy. I always try to spray mine and let it sit in the light for a few hours. If the sun isn’t out, I use the next best thing- artificial light. This allows the white vinegar to begin to pull out the stain before you put it in the wash.

#4- You can also rub some fels naptha on it. This does a great job removing stains, too. Just buy a bar from your local grocery store, wet it, and scrub it right into the stain. If it flakes, that’s ok. It will come off in the wash. And it smells 10 times better than the vinegar. When my husband smells vinegar now, he thinks poop. Oops. I will have to train his nose to think otherwise or when I clean the house, he’ll think poop, too. I guess by this confession you can tell I clean up poopy messes more than I clean my house.

#5- I love oxyclean. On those all up the back, all up the front shirts, I throw a scoop in with the laundry. This stuff works some serious magic! And it does hundreds of other wonderfully amazing things. You can use it to clean your blinds. Just mix a few scoops in with hot sudsy water in your bath tub, submerge your blinds, pull them out, and voila! Clean blinds! Now keep in mind that you will need to rub a cloth over the blinds to get off any excess dust and dirt if you haven’t washed them in awhile. I have heard this happens to people who don’t clean them often. I have never experienced it myself J

#6- Make your own detergent. Seriously, this is an amazing idea! Here is a recipe for how to do it from my amazing friend, Stacy. She comes up with all kinds of ideas. I like doing this because you know what’s going in your washing machine and all over your clothes. Who wants extra and unnecessary chemicals all over them? It’s also baby safe and sensitive on their delicate skin.

#7- When all else fails, you CAN use store bought stain remover. Granted, this is my least favorite thing to do, but as a working momma I understand it’s something realistic. I have found the shout spray works best. It works really quick and seems to do the trick in one load, although sometimes you’ll need to do two. I would NOT recommend the shout scrubber. It works great but on really nasty stains that stink, it stays on the scrubber. And it will stink ALL THE TIME. Ew. That’s one thing this mommy can’t handle.

What is your best way to get out stains? Do you have any secret, natural stain removers?


5 Responses to “Stains, Stains, Go Away!”

  1. Great tips! I agree- never let the stained items sit in the dirty clothes pile—it only makes things more difficult later! I need to try your tip on white vinegar!

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