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19 Bathing Suits and Counting June 5, 2012

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Baby girl swimwear is adorable. It’s precious. It might be one of the cutest things they create for little girls. As an adult, it’s realistic to have more than one swimsuit. And a necessity at the beach. I can’t stand the feeling of sand anywhere, much less in the regions that only my bathing suit sees. For this reason I started shopping early for Emma’s summer apparel. My thoughts were this: I want enough bathing suits that Emma doesn’t have to wear the same piece every time we go to the water. My second thought was, I don’t want to wash bathing suits everyday. I thought a good, balanced number would be 3-4. My number quickly increased to 10. How did this happen? #1- I had no self control in this area and can be honest about that (however, none of the swimwear cost more than $2.50, most of it less) and #2- I didn’t carry my list. Which brings me to the point of today’s post…

Always have a list! I try to keep a list of what we need for Emma. For example, we had several pairs of pants for Emma for next year but still needed a coat. I had that list when I shopped for Emma the other day. I walked home with 2 jackets (one heavy/one light) and not 20 pairs of jeans. Win! There are a lot of stores where you can remember your list. You have an hour to kill and plan to go into Old Navy. In this situation, you may be able to get by without your list. If you have no self control, I would recommend a list, cash only, and accountability. But back to the topic at hand…when you’re in a hurry or in a situation where you’re shopping with multiple people (ie: wee cycle it, black Friday), there’s no time to stop and smell the flowers. You have to trample all over those beautiful flowers to get to the things you need. If you have no list, you’ll run to the clothes and then remember a toy you needed. Then you’ll remember a dress you needed and have to run back to the clothing. And then back to the front because what? You forgot the jogging stroller. My point is this- if you make a list and separate these items by category you can go quicker. You can also split the list up with other wonderful shoppers who are working with you (your husband, your sister, your mom). And lastly, if you get stressed out like me, the list will bring some sanity back to your life! Sanity is good. Quite possibly a best friend. Check out this awesome dress I remembered at wee cycle this year (thanks to my list!) that Emma will wear this fall when we eat breakfast with the princesses at Disney!  I love lists. I love sanity. And don’t buy 19 bathing suits (or even 10 really)….

Do you make lists for certain places? Does it work for you?


3 Responses to “19 Bathing Suits and Counting”

  1. I’m a list maker…but moving has changed that. I look forward to getting back to my lists. 🙂

  2. […] never spent more than a couple bucks on her suits and some I got for $1 or less. Even though I went overboard and bought way too many, I never spent much getting them. I can’t wait to see what stores have on […]

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