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Hello, My Name is Erinn… June 6, 2012

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My name is Erinn and I’m a recovering shopaholic. That still shops. So what does that mean?

When we decided to start trying to have our sweet little Emma Grayce we knew life was about to change. Yes, for the better, but also with some budget cuts. Now, I have ALWAYS been one to shop for good deals but how in the world do I do that and empower Emma to be the fashion queen I knew she was born to be? Here are some helpful suggestions on how to buy stuff at a discount (and I’ve included non-clothing items, too, for those of you who don’t want the frou-frou stuff):

  • Wee Cycle It– Oh.my.gosh. If you are not familiar with this semi-annual consignment sale in Abingdon, Virginia, you are MISSING OUT. First off, I love Alicia Arney and all the team that helps make Wee Cycle It happen. This year was my first participating in the consigning AND volunteering. It’s a lot of work! I have been to other consignment sales but never one that has the organization and LOVE shown as this one. And what are you able to find here? Just about ANYTHING. This year, I have had my eye set on a Britax carseat for Emma. First- I wanted one that would work for her first birthday and beyond. I didn’t want to do stage 2 and then 3 and pay a ton of money doing it. Second- I have researched carseats. A LOT. There are several great brands out there, but my heart was sold on the Britax brand. So with my prayer and petition (because God commands it in Philippians 4:6) I went to wee cycle expecting amazing things and voila- there was my Britax carseat for $25 (regular $200+)!!! In addition, we always get amazing deals on clothes, accessories and more. Here’s a picture of my loot from this year.
  • Goodwill- Let me start here by saying let your pride go. I know a lot of people think you have to be at the bottom of the barrel to go visit the Goodwill and people will look at you differently if you do. Well, so what? Let them look. They’re obviously there, too, and if they’re not, they are missing out on some WONDERFUL deals. I have found several things for Emma in the $1 bin from Gymboree, Carters, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, and more. Here’s one of my favorite finds- a pair of seersucker orange pants and a hat to match.
  • Shopping In Advance- We shop for Emma (1) year ahead. For example, we are shopping for 18 months and some 24 months/2T clothes right now. This way we’re never in dire need of anything. If we shopped based on her age, we would be subject to paying FULL PRICE for a lot of things we needed at that moment. I started doing this before she was even born. I always try to buy things that can be alternated if she starts to grow faster or slower (stuff that can have long sleeves under it in winter/stuff that can be paired with different outfits in spring). Glad to know that we are sticking it to the man. Here’s an example of several things I have bought it advance for a great deal since I have found it in the off season.
  • Friends- We have friends. GREAT friends who have either given us clothes or let us borrow them from their children. Now a quick reminder here- if someone allows you to borrow their clothes, be respectful of them. If your child leaves poopie stains all up the back be mindful and WASH IT OFF, even if it takes three washes to come clean. This is how you show thanks to others and also keep up your integrity. No one wants their baby memories covered in YOUR baby poop. Amen.

These are just a few ideas to share from the Linkous gals. If you need more suggestions (which I have PLENTY to give, just not enough space) and I haven’t bored you already, let me know. I feel blessed that God has provided me with friends to show me how to do it, and I would love to help you!

Where do you shop and save money? Any suggestions on how to get the biggest bang for your buck?


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  1. […] last section I went to was the clothing. We buy a lot of Emma’s clothes in advance so we didn’t “need” anything. We have all her winter clothes for this year and several summer […]

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