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Meet J.R. June 7, 2012

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I love my husband. JR is my best friend and I HIGHLY recommend being best friends with your spouse. Now granted, you need to have attraction, too. What good is a spouse if he’s your best friend and can’t stand to see you get out of the shower? So, therefore be friends AND lovers.

Beyond that, JR hugely supports me in my desire to dress Emma well but modestly, too. I bring him shopping with me and ask his thoughts. I come home and show him what I’ve found and make sure he likes it. I always want him to be a part of what we’re doing to raise our daughter, even in what she wears.

JR helps get Emma ready in the mornings. He plays Mr. Mom on a regular basis and I love him even more for that. He puts her clothes on. He puts on tights. He’s an expert at putting on her flower hairbands. And he plays with her while he does it, too. It’s never a burden for him to get Emma ready, even with all the extra stuff that comes with being a girl. He’s also been taking pictures of her every day since her birth and I love that. It will be so fun to look at them all on her first birthday! And then again when her first date comes by the house to pick her up…when she’s 30. But that’s another story.

JR loves Emma. I mean, he really LOVES her. He is one of the most amazing fathers I have ever seen and I look at him often times and think, “how did I end up so lucky?” He plays with her, he reads to her, he sings to her, he prays for her, and he shows her attention. I pray that by the attention he shows her that she will learn what to look for in a man and how she should be treated. I pray that this helps her in getting the attention she needs at home, that way she doesn’t feel the need to run out to get attention elsewhere. And my biggest prayer is that by seeing her daddy’s love for her that she begins to understand and comprehend the unconditional love that her heavenly father has for her.

Lastly, JR loves me. There are times that I’m certain we don’t want to be in the room with one another. Sometimes maybe even the same time. But something I have NEVER doubted is his love for me. I want Emma to watch her daddy and how he loves me. One of my biggest prayers is that by doing so, she learns what to look for in a man. A man that loves God first and loves her second. A man that can disagree with her but still look at her with the same love and affection as before. A man who will FIGHT for their marriage because what God put together, he will let no man separate.

These are some of the main reasons I love JR. There are too many to count. Thanks, JR, for being the amazing husband, father, leader, and provider you are. I don’t thank you enough but hopefully I’m catching up.


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