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A Few of My Favorite Things! June 8, 2012

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At 9 months old, Emma already has her “favorite things”. Seriously, Emma had favorite things when she was still in the womb. Cinnamon toast was a CONSTANT craving- Papa Johns pizza was not. I would seriously run to the bathroom when even a commercial came on. Gag me. So in honor of Emma, here are a few of her favorite things…

  • Sunglasses. This child loves everything about them. The way they look, the way things look with them on, the way they feel, and probably twenty bagillion things I don’t even know. And she’s cute in them. So stinkin cute. I know she’s my child and I’m biased, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen shades look more precious than they do on my baby girl.
  • Socks. The fluffier the better. And Emma doesn’t use them for the typical “on your feet” purpose. These suckers go straight in her mouth as soon as they touch her feet. That’s why you have a window of 1.25 seconds to get the shoes on after the socks. If not, she realizes what she’s capable of doing and is devastated that the opportunity is now gone. Don’t mess with Emma and her socks.
  • Paby. When you have a baby fall in love with her pacifier, it just becomes a regular wardrobe accessory. To some it’s a paci, to others it’s a binky. To the Linkous household it’s paby. Not sure how that name happened but it did. And paby is a good friend. Hopefully she’ll only stay with us for another 6-9 months and then move on her merry way.
  • Binky. Do not be confused- this is not the same thing as a paby. Her binky is a stuffed animal/blanket combo. She played with it once and since then it’s never left her sight. Some may believe Binky it attached to her hip. One time, we lost binky in target. I panicked and asked the lady at customer service if she had seem Emma’s binky. Then I had to explain myself. Hopefully she’s a mommy and understands how I think everyone should know who binky is.
  • Jewelry. So far, Emma doesn’t have any of her own, but boy does she love what Mommy has! She touches it, she pulls it, she goos and gahs at it. I have a feeling wee cycle it next year will need to have some cute accessories for our little booger or otherwise mommy will have to hide hers.
  • Carrots. We’ve tried several different veggies & fruits so far and carrots are in the lead. As carrots usually stain her shirt when the bib gets taken off early (not saying any names but it’s someone in this house…and not me) and her pants whenever she has a beautiful exploding diaper, they have become a bit of a fashion statement here. Carrots are a winner. Bananas from the jar would be the enemy. Thank goodness Mommy has this masher to make her fresh bananas now.

So welcome to Emma’s current favorite things. I’m sure these will change again in a few short months, but as for now, this is what she loves. Oh the simple things.

What does your baby love?


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