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Mommy’s Top Five June 11, 2012

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I know this blog is mainly baby fashion, but what kind of mommy would I be if I didn’t tell you some of MY favorite things that we have for Miss Emma? These things are what I consider my top five irrefutable baby items. And anyone who receives these as gifts would be beyond blessed. Just saying…

Bumbo Seat- Stacy Myers told me this would quickly become a favorite and it sure has. Emma eats in her bumbo. She sits in her bumbo. She watches her silly mommy and daddy in it, too. The bumbo is the go to for many things. I dread the day her little legs are too chubby for it (insert tear).

Umbrella Stroller- Let me start by saying I admire the mommy and/or daddy who push around that big gigantic stroller. You know the one. The one that can’t get through doors, knocks over rows of clothing racks, and takes up in the entire back seat and trunk of the car. That one. Emma loves to be carried, but sometimes she wants her freedom. She wants to kick and move and do a little dance which is hard to do in my arms, or her carrier, so the stroller becomes a necessity. And I LOVE the flexibility of the umbrella stroller. We have two- one from my Aunt Dee and the other from my dear momma. Love them! I’m pretty sure motherhood was suppose to consist of such a realistic way of transporting your baby.

Carrier- My amazing husband, JR, let me pick out EVERYTHING for Emma. I am such a control freak (who, me?) and love to put it all together on my own. And by that I mean organization. I will gladly allow anyone to put together bookshelves, cribs, and more. It’s just how I role. Anyways, JR put his foot down on the carrier that I picked out. He insisted that Emma would have the best of the best. Not only for her, but for our backs. At 12 pounds it’s not too bad, but the bigger they get, the harder it is. He found this beauty and it’s been great. It stays in the truck at all times. With the umbrella stroller. What we use all depends on her mood.

Cart Cover- Emma loves to see everything that’s going on, everywhere. Her carseat is no longer realistic to carry into the store and restaurants. When we go to eat I don’t have 20 hands, although I think I do have about 4 or 5 now. Anyways, our cart cover also works in high chairs and believe you me, she loves a good high chair. Mommy however does not. Do you know how many boogers have been wiped on those? How many poopie diapers have leaked through on those? And do you know how many minimum wage employees spend time scrubbing those suckers down with bleach? That’s what I thought. And therefore the cart cover became a necessity. We got ours at Wee Cycle It for $3. Score!

My Pump (Medela Pump In Style Advanced)-Alright men, at this point if there are any of you reading, feel free to check out. When Emma was just a few weeks old, we discovered that she had a posterior tongue tie. Basic description of this- it will TEAR YOU UP. I have said more than once that I believe some translations of the Bible have breastfeeding as the curse God gave women, not childbirth. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but I feel like more mommies need to know about this. We went to so many lactation consultants and doctors for this that I thought I was going to lose my mind. “She doesn’t latch right” and then they saw it and she did. “You’re just sensitive” THIS SENSITIVE? No way! Luckily two of our consultants noticed her tongue and suggested we have a specialist check it out. And sure enough- it was a tongue tie. We were sent on to an amazing ear, nose and throat doctor who clipped her tongue (note here: this is one of the hardest things ever to watch so if you’re a mommy, get daddy to hold her instead) and now she has free range for that tongue to move everywhere! One of the down sides to all of this was I couldn’t nurse. At all. I still wanted to provide for my sweet baby and made pumping my route to do so. Being a mommy who dreamed day and night of the joys of breastfeeding, it was hard to accept. Really hard. I would call my close friends crying on a regular basis, unsure of why God had placed this burden on me. And I’ve come to find out that He has allowed me this struggle so I may help others who are going through the same thing. Here is my advice to all mommies who plan to breastfed and will need a pump (if you’re a working mommy or just want the freedom to pump):

    1. DO NOT buy a pump beforehand. The first week or two you will be spending so much time bonding with your child and trying to remember if that chili has been in the fridge for 1 day or 1 week that pumping won’t usually be on your mind. This way if you end up like me, you don’t have to go out and buy ANOTHER pump down the road.
    2. If you’re financially able to afford it, go the route of a double pump. If you plan on pumping at work or on a regular basis, it makes all the difference in the world. A 35-40 minute job quickly becomes 15-20. Also, you can choose the option of the hands free route which means you don’t just SIT for 15-20 minutes. I believe this was one of God’s greatest gifts to women. How do you think I’m writing this now? Ok, I was seriously joking there. Please don’t quit following me!
    3. Consider buying a single pump even if you go the exclusively breastfeeding route. If you get really sick and need an antibiotic, guess what? Your milk is tainted. Trash. Has to be THROWN OUT. And you will cry over this. Your husband will think you’re crazy. To them, we breathe and milk comes out. Make sure no frying pans are nearby when he makes this comment. Otherwise, you’ll be playing grit ball with him. Love me some Madea…

So these are my top 5 baby items. So far. Tune back in for my top 5 baby clothing/accessory items!

What baby items are essentials for you? Any recommendations that didn’t make this list?


2 Responses to “Mommy’s Top Five”

  1. Beka Says:

    I would definitely have to say the Boppy and the play yard have been essential for us. Kurt loved snuggling up in the Boppy, crawling over it, and it was WONDERFUL support while feeding him (either bottle or breast). I would put it up there with the Bumbo in usefulness. 🙂 And the I know a lot of mom’s don’t like the idea of putting your child in a play yard, but without it I would have gone insane! Being full time working parents, we have to do all our house work on the weekends. The play yard was a safe/contained place we could put him while we ran around and cleaned house. Or if we just needed to take a quick run to the bathroom, we could plop him in with a few toys and knew he wouldn’t go crawling into something he shouldn’t be. His grandparents even use it instead of highchair to feed him. He still has the freedom to roam between bites, but he isn’t running all over the house with food hanging out of his mouth. 🙂 Those would be my top 2 essentials so far.

    • erinnlinkous Says:

      So true! These are definitely top items as well 🙂 We bring Emma’s pack and play on all our trips and the boppy we use behind her since she’s still a little wobbly sometimes 🙂

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