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Daily Deals June 13, 2012

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There are a few sites that you can go to daily and find some pretty good deals on things for your kids. I love to check these out. I don’t by from them daily, Not even weekly or monthly. I wait until I find something I really want (sometimes need) and then make the purchase. Remember the whole goal is not to spend more than you need to. If you bought stuff from these sites every day it would no longer be a good deal- you would be BROKE. And broke isn’t a good place to be.

www.babysteals.com- this site is AWESOME. I had friends tell me about this place while I was pregnant with Emma. During that time I got my dream diaper bag for half price. I purchased several pairs of baby legs for next to nothing. I also found this cute hat that can be used as a purse, too. How much fun is that? I love them because they always have great products available and shipping is fairly reasonable. If you watch them regularly, they will have a HUGE sale ever so often where everything that has been available the past few months will be available again. SCORE! They focus on stuff for babies and expecting mommies.

www.kidsteals.com- this site is just as awesome, although I haven’t bought anything from them just yet. They focus on more toddler and beyond items. One day you may find a blanket, the next day school supplies. It just depends. I think I’ll grow to love this one more as Emma gets older.

www.kids.woot.com- like the adult version (www.woot.com) this one is specific for kids. Some days I could care less what they have, other days I fall in love. It’s good to check daily. They usually have bigger items than kid & baby steals so if you’re looking for a kitchen set for your little girl or a scooter for your little boy, this is the place to shop.

www.southernsavers.com- this site is truly amazing. It’s good for mom, dad, baby, and more! Jenny posts weekly ads for stores (ie: target, cvs, etc) while also focusing on great deals available on the spot (sales at Gymboree, amazon, and more). She also does a weekly deal on where to find the best baby supplies (diapers, wipes, formula, etc). This keeps you from shopping all over the place and helps you find the BEST prices. She also pairs the best coupons available for these items. How sweet of her! It keeps me from doing a lot of extra work I really don’t have time for on a regular basis. Thanks Jenny!

One last tip: Don’t just buy stuff online because it seems like a good idea. For example, Old Navy sells their items in store MUCH CHEAPER than online. They also go on sale in store first. I bought Emma a Thanksgiving shirt there for .97 cents and online it was still $6. Wow! So just a word of caution- if it says “SALE”  it doesn’t always mean it’s the best DEAL.

Where do you like to find your deals for your kids?


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  1. […] that I would eventually get a Ju Ju Be bag so I began to watch for them regularly. I would check BabySteals daily and hoped that Wee Cycle It would have some in the fall sale. Then one day, almost by […]

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