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Shopping with Emma June 14, 2012

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As you know by now, I’m a shopper. I have been all my life. And when Emma came, I stayed a shopper, I just learned how to adapt and make it more comfortable for both of us.

When Emma was a few months old, I took her to the store with me to grab a few things and it was AWFUL. I thought I would probably never do it again. Between carrying her, pushing a buggy, answering the phone, trying to shop, and more, it just didn’t seem possible. I knew there had to be a way to make this work, I just needed to figure out how.

After trial and error, I have figured out what works for Emma at the store. Does this work for every kid? No. Does this even work for Emma every time? No.  But it’s what works the MAJORITY of the time so that’s what we go with at the Linkous house.

Diapers & Wipes- it never fails that the first time we don’t have these, she has a huge blow out within the first few minutes and we either have to go out to the car or go home. One time at Target, I had to buy a bag of diapers because I refused to go home. I wasn’t wasting my gas when diapers were just a few short feet away from me.

Toy(s)- A good toy will occupy Emma’s time well and it can’t just be ANY toy. We usually try to bring at least (2) with us into the store in case one gets dropped on those dirty, nasty floors. Gag. I can only handle so much dirt and grim before I just quit. And quitting is a big deal for me.

Food- The last thing you need is to be stuck in the store with a hungry baby. It’s miserable for you. It’s miserable for baby. And it’s miserable for every one else there. So, for my sake and yours, PLEASE make sure to bring either a bottle or solid food with you for a snack if needed. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some water, too, if you’re child likes it. Emma LOVES water. It’s wild. That child would take water over her bottle and solids any day. Show me the water!

Transportation for Baby- This can be a variety of things. It can be a carrier, a cart cover, a stroller, or your bare hands. I prefer one of the first three. I carried Emma around the store the other day for about 10 minutes and thought my arm was about to literally fall off. I could feel it getting ready to snap the closer and closer I got to the front. On more than one occasion, I had to make a quick adjustment. I’m sure all the people without kids in the store thought I had lost my mind. Truthfully I thought I had lost my mind. If you have one of these items, I promise it will be more comfortable for you and baby. Keep in mind, bringing your spouse or a partner in crime with also help out. Unless you have more kids than adults. Then you’re just tough out of luck.

Travel Bag- There will be times when you need to make a quick pit stop on the way home from daycare. There will also be times when you forget the diaper bag and STILL need to stop. I came up with the brilliant idea to pack an emergency travel bag that I leave in my car. It has the bare necessities in it- diapers, wipes, change of clothes, a toy, and a paby.

This is how we currently travel with Emma. Notice there are SEVERAL things in the travel bag that are definitely important to have along with you for those quick, unprepared stops. The good news is- Emma loves to shop now. She really takes everything in and keeps me company while we’re strollin’. She’s such a great baby!

Anything you think is a necessity for bringing with you and your baby/child to the store?


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