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Proverbs 31 Woman June 15, 2012

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I have prayed for a long time to be the woman that God wants me to be. I have prayed that God would make me the wife I need to be. I have also prayed to be the mother Emma (and any future children we have) needs me to be. There’s a lot of other things I pray for, but these are definitely at the top of my list. I have Proverbs 31 on my jewelry case at the house so I see it every day. Somedays I look right past it, but most days it catches my eye and I remember- this is what God has called me to be. Here are some key parts that really jump out at me:

#1- She’s worth A LOT. I have to look at myself and wonder that a lot. If my husband had to rate me on how much I’m worth, I would hope he would say PRICELESS. I pray each day he would say that not just because he feels that way, but because I am deserving it.

#2- She is the type of woman who is good to her husband- ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE. I know I mess up on this one. I knew it as soon as I saw “all” in the verse. I am good to my husband most days, but that’s not what my God commands. ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE. Got it.

#3- She makes a lot of things at home. Woohoo! I feel like I’m making some progress here!  I try to make a lot of things at home to bless my family- so does she!

#4- She doesn’t sleep in when work needs to be done. Wow. That’s awesome. I like to sleep, too much and too often. The other day I got up early and worked late and even though I was tired, I felt GOOD about myself because I was doing stuff for my family. When you work like that and feel like you’ve accomplished something and made God and your family proud- that’s the stuff worth doing.

#5- She earns money and spends it wisely. Most people can do one or the other- but the key is to do BOTH. This isn’t to say that every stay at home mom needs to go get a job- not at all! It’s just saying that she provides for the family when needed and the most important part- she spends money wisely. So apparently she didn’t go to Target every week in search of the next best thing. CHECK.

#6- She stays up when work still needs to be done. I can do this one- I can stay up late. The key is getting stuff done, not finding stuff to keep me up (tv, computer, staring at a hole in the wall- you get where I’m going)

#7- She helps others in need. I love this one. It doesn’t say “when time allows” or “when money is available”. She just helps others in need. Bottom line. We need to be willing to help others do whatever- clean their house, fix them dinner, help financially if we can, and more. Check out the Great Commandment.

#8- She stockpiles! Amen sister! I knew I always liked this woman, but this sealed the deal. I love to stockpile and so does she. Maybe when I get to heaven we can share stockpiling tips.

#9- She dresses nicely. Well I like her even more. And keep in mind #5- she doesn’t go blow all her money to dress nicely. She spends her money wisely. I’d imagine if she was a modern day woman she would have shopped She Swap.

#10- She doesn’t worry about the future. I worry a lot. Over silly stuff. I need to take notice here and remember worry doesn’t change anything.

#11- She is kind to others and wise in what she says/does. It’s not just enough to act nice, but to be nice in all we say and do. And it doesn’t specify between people we like and don’t like. We need to be nice to EVERYONE.

#12- She’s not lazy (if that wasn’t noticed in #s 1-11). Good grief. This lady is amazing! I’d imagine her couch is in great shape from the lack of resting and naps taken on it.

#13- Her children love her. One of my prayers! I want Emma to love me. Not because she has to- but because she wants to. I want to be the type of mom that she sees Christ shining through daily in my love for her, my forgiveness for when she messes up, and my desire to grow her into the woman Christ has called her to be.

#14- Her husband loves her. Another prayer! I want JR to love me for all these same reasons. It’s a choice. And when we started dating we worked at it then- no one said you get to stop working on it once you get married.

#15- She serves her Lord. Amen! If this wasn’t expressed in #1-14, I don’t know where you were. But she serves the Lord by doing all these things!

#16- She will be rewarded for doing things #1-15. Our heavenly rewards will be amazing already, but even more so when we follow the example of this woman.

Any thoughts on areas that we can improve as women? How can we be better daughters of Christ, wives, and mothers by her example?


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