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Things I Didn’t Know I Needed June 18, 2012

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After we had Emma, we stumbled across a billion things we didn’t need. With her being our first born, if it looked like a baby item we got it. Seriously, we had baby fever and purchased everything in sight that she may want. So, I knew there were things that were unnecessary but what about the things I didn’t realize I really needed? Well, let me tell you…

Swaddle blankets- I thought these sweet little blankets were just so cute. And unnecessary. I registered for a few because it seemed like the thing to do. And I am SO GLAD that we did! Emma has just now (at 9 months) stopped being swaddled. Before that, this child was DOUBLE swaddled. And the best swaddle blankets we had were from my dear cousin, Kelly. She found these aden & anais swaddle blankets brand spankin’ new at a goodwill! These are normally $20+ so I was excited when she texted me and asked if I wanted them. Um, yes? So I definitely support the use of the swaddle blanket.

Diaper genie- Another item that seemed like a necessity to others so we registered for one so we wouldn’t be left out. Who wants to be left out? Not us. We received this as a gift, put it out, and left it. The first few months were wonderful. Dirty diapers went in the trash can with no consequence involved. Then all of a sudden the day came. You know the day. The one where you walk into the room and think, “who left the cheese sitting out?” and then you realize- it’s poop. And pee. And it STINKS. The diaper genie is now beside her changing table and stays there. If anyone tells you dirty diapers stink, believe it. Maybe not for month one or two, but eventually it will stink to high heavens and if you do disposable diapers, you’ll wish you had a genie.

**quick warning- do not, I repeat, DO NOT open the genie and take a breath. Trust me.**

More bottles- Babies drink a lot of milk. You will wash a lot of bottles. There may be some parents who don’t get to all the bottles in time for the next feeding so I recommend buying at least 2 days worth of bottles. This will also come in handy when you need to go out of town and pack bottles or leave them behind. When your sink looks like this you’ll get what I’m saying.

Multiple pacifiers- Who knew babies took different kinds of pacifiers? Not this mommy. I registered for the ones that were cute. I opened them all up and washed them. I couldn’t wait to use them. Then I attempted it and realized quickly- Emma didn’t like ANY of the three brands of pacis we had. What? You heard me right. We searched high and low until we found this paci (called paby) and now she’s in love. So do as I say not as I do.

Pacifier clip- We are very big on the pick it up and go theory with Emma. She drops and throws paby a lot. If we washed it every time she dropped it, it’s all we’d get done. HOWEVER, there are some places that you cannot turn the other cheek. The bathroom. The house with 200 pets. The gas station. I would imagine these places are full of germs even a fully grown man couldn’t handle. When we go to these places, the pacifier clip comes out. And we’re so glad it does. It keeps us sane and from using up our emergency wipes we keep for “just in case” moments. We are so glad we bought this!

What are the things you didn’t realize you needed for your baby?


2 Responses to “Things I Didn’t Know I Needed”

  1. Oh, cute baby! The picture of baby bottles looks familiar. I have a big collection as well, but the good thing is my husband does the cleaning for me 🙂

    • erinnlinkous Says:

      Husbands that help clean are WONDERFUL! I am very particular over my bottles so I let J.R. do a lot of other things, which he is always more than happy to do!

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