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Maternity Wearin’ Mama June 19, 2012

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We all fall victim to it. We get pregnant and we begin browsing the maternity section. We see all the cute “mommy to be” clothes. Then we see the price tag. OUCH! But we’re pregnant so we have to buy maternity, right? NO! Here’s some helpful advice on things to stay away from while prego and some essentials you will need:

Bathing Suits- I looked at maternity wear last year while I was prego with Emma. I saw the cutest bathing suit and then the $60 price tag. Does Motherhood Maternity not understand I am about to LOSE money, not GAIN money by having this baby? And they play with your mommy emotions. Instead of spending the $60, go to your normal clothing store and buy a tankini in 1 or 2 sizes larger than normal. The tankini looks like a one piece but gives you the room to grow that you’ll need while pregnant. Now you can brave a two piece if you’d like- be my guest. I figured sex appeal and such really wasn’t necessary with my big ole 7 month prego belly. But that’s just me…truthfully, no one wants to see my not prego belly in a 2 piece. Amen.

Dresses/Tunics- I wore a ton of my regular dresses and tunics while prego. I normally have them lose fitting anyways, so they just grew with me. Once they started to get a little short, I threw on some leggings (non maternity, too!) and made the outfit work still. And if your belly starts to make the outfit a little more snug, it’s ok! People love a good prego belly. Just don’t get it too tight. We’re not trying to pop that baby out yet! The good news is if you DO outgrow some of these things, go buy them in a larger non-maternity size. This is a lot cheaper than going out and buying maternity.

Tshirts- I love plan tshirts. Black, brown, pink, green, any color will do! I would go to the Gap Outlet and buy the stretch shirts when they were on sale and wear them with everything. Also, there’s something about the way they fit a prego belly. Almost like they were meant for maternity wear anyways. I loved them. I wore them all spring and summer. In fact, I wore one on my way into the hospital to have Emma!

Now, my one exception and must have while prego was comfy jeans. I hate it when my jeans have to constantly be pulled up. And add in a prego belly and you’re doing it every 2 seconds. The belly band jeans were amazing! I never pulled at my jeans- not once- and was able to wear them from 4 months up until I had Emma. I love them. I would wear them today if I didn’t get strange looks. This is truthfully my only essential maternity wear.

What do you think is essential in maternity wear? What things did you find in place of maternity styles to help “stick it to the man”?


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