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Tis the Season June 21, 2012

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Holidays are wonderful. There’s always food, family and fellowship. And sometimes there’s gifts involved, too. Everything about the holiday season is wonderful, including finding clothes that go with the festivities. For Emma, I try to make sure she ALWAYS has something to go with a holiday but I also don’t go spend all kinds of money to make it happen. Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to make the holidays work without breaking the bank:

Shop sales/out of season- I can’t say enough the deals you’ll get for watching sales. I usually try to go a week or less after the specific holiday just to get a price estimate. I never take less than 50% off, but I usually prefer even less. So this means I usually go back to the store several times before I get the deal I’m looking for on clothes. It gets frustrating and discouraging sometimes. I found several outfits for Emma that I fell in love with for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just couldn’t let myself spend full price. Or even 25% off. It’s just not how I work. I end up having horrible buyer’s remorse. We went back a full month after Christmas, and not only found that attire, but also marked down Thanksgiving and Halloween. I was able to rack up on 10 different sets for Emma for less than $5. What a deal! This is what I call shopping

Shop consignments- When I go to consignment sales I have a list. Sometimes I venture off that list when it becomes worth it. This year at wee cycle it, this item was completely worth it. This dress caught the corner of my eye and I thought it would be great for Christmas this upcoming year. It looks brand new and I pictured a pretty tag of $10-$15 on it but looked anyways. Much to my surprise, the dress was $3. Are you kidding me? Pick me! Pick me! I scooped that baby up and never thought twice.

Shop colors, not designs- You can save a lot of money by focusing on the color rather than a specific design. For example, you can get a good long sleeve red shirt for .50 at a yard sale, or pay $10 for a red shirt with a Christmas tree on it. Both shout “Christmas” when worn in December, one just costs a lot more than others. This also helps the clothes from being worn only during the holiday season which adds an extra bonus.

Make you own- You can make your own! Learn how to print wording/design and put it on your own shirt. This would be such a fun project to do with your child if he/she is old enough. If not, make it yourself and pretend like they helped.

Do you have any suggestions on how you shop and dress your kids for the holidays?


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