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Chef Maman June 26, 2012

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When I began thinking about Emma and what I wanted her to eat (other than milk, of course), I thought of everything under the sun. I want her to be a well-rounded eater. I want her to be a HEALTHY eater. It doesn’t mean much if I watch what I put in me to give her healthy milk if I just give her junk otherwise. So, off we went to discover how to make fresh baby food!

When I started this adventure, I was certain I would spend hours at a time making food. Slaving over a hot stove. I prepared myself for the long day of work and knew it would all be worth my while. The good news was this- making baby food doesn’t take all day. It really doesn’t take many hours, at least in the LABOR part of it. For this blog, I’m going to show you how we make one of Emma’s favorite meals—


The first time I decided to make avocados I thought I might need a recipe book. Then as I began looking online, I found some amazing sites that give these tips for FREE. This one is one of my favorites so far.

Step 1- Peel the avocado. This part makes cutting it up easy. The first time I made these I skipped this part due to my excitement. I wasted a lot more time and a lot more avocado than I would like to admit.

Step 2- Cut the avocado. I start by cutting mine in half, and then pulling it apart where the pit is. Isn’t this beautiful? My mouth is already watering. After this, make sure to cut it up into a few stripes just to make the mashing a little easier.

Step 3- MASH AWAY! This is one of my favorite parts with one of my favorite baby gifts. Avocados are amazing because you can mash them a little for finger food eaters or a lot for newbies. Emma loves them both ways. I also love these because you get to skip Step 4, blending. I love my blender but love not having to wash it even more. I’ll save this step for carrots.

Step 4- There are two different options for this step. The first- freeze your bounty. I bought these cute little ice cube trays at Target and they’re perfect for freezing. Since they’re silicon, you can just push the bottom and they pop right out. I try to leave mine for about two hours and then transfer into freezer safe bags. And label them. Avocados and zucchini look a lot alike, however, Emma doesn’t think they taste a lot alike. We have to hide her zucchini in her carrots. When you’re ready for your baby to eat them, just let them thaw in the fridge or put them in the microwave for a few seconds. Timing will depend on how many servings you make and the type of food. Avocados thaw quick, carrots take longer.

The second option- serve it fresh. Nothing like fresh num nums! Emma gets so excited when I make her food now, it’s like she knows something good is coming. How can I deny that precious little face? It’s good to save some back for her, even if it’s not meal time. It’s a nice little reward for all my our hard work.

Step 5- Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get sick. Sometimes we’re on the road and I don’t want to thaw out food. So in that scenario, I have to adapt and realize you can be a good mom AND feed your baby store bought food. What a revelation! I have a couple of brands that I really love, but this one is my favorite. It has such a wide variety of unique baby foods and is on sale often. We bring these on long car rides and use it days when I just haven’t had time to do anything and don’t feel like it. It’s a way I still feed her healthy and not feel bad about doing it quick.

These are my tips, what are your suggestions on how you feed your baby and what you do to keep it healthy?


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