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Going to the Chapel June 28, 2012

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When I was younger I loved this song. It was so cute and sweet…it made me want to get married. And then I grew up and realized this song is not what marriage is all about. Not in the least. I worry about Emma growing up and getting married and having these same expectations. I want to show her what my parents showed me about marriage and what I think we should ALL share with our children about marriage:

*Wearing a white dress: the other day I heard someone ask if someone was wearing “white” in her wedding. I was astounded. I couldn’t believe someone would ask such a question and be so blunt about it. Something I want Emma to know is where she finds her purity. We all make mistakes and fall short of the glory of God. As long as she seeks His forgiveness it doesn’t matter what was done it her past- she will still be white as snow. Also, I’m a firm believer in a dress not having to be stark white and that doesn’t mean she’s the town harlot. Once again, her purity is found in Christ alone.

*Budgeting the wedding: I want Emma and her future spouse to have the wedding of their dreams but I also want it to not cause them to go into debt and squash any dreams they may have down the road. I want us to be able to help them financially for their wedding and also help teach them how to use their own saved money for this special day.

*The wedding should be less important than the marriage: so often times we put SO MUCH into the preparation of the wedding and not enough time into preparing the marriage. Something I would like to recommend her and her future spouse do is premarital counseling. This is more than just making your marriage about Christ (which is MOST important)- it’s about learning to budget, learning how to argue, learning how to make decisions, and more. It also partners you alongside other believers who have been married and through a lot in life. Another thing that was crucial to us and is still crucial to this day as we hit life’s ups and downs and try to raise up Emma is having a mentor couple. We have best friends who are the world to us. They have helped guide and direct us throughout our dating relationship as well as our marriage. They are also Emma’s godparents. They weren’t someone we randomly selected- they were people we were able to watch and see evidence in their relationship with God, their marriage, and their children that made us want to look to them for advice and guidance.

*Be a wife of character: Instead of writing everything, check out my blog post on being a Proverbs 31 woman.

*Your marriage ceremony: Make it about God. Plan and simple. This ceremony sets a standard for the marriage to come. Spend time thanking God. Spend time praising God. Spend time sharing God with your guests. Also, focus on one another. This is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll only have once so enjoy the time you have here with one another.

What advice do you plan on giving your children when it comes to marriage?


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