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Because We Love Her June 29, 2012

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Writing a will is miserable. Being the one’s on the other side is miserable, too. When I was 19, my parents went out of town together and rewrote their will giving me custody of my then 15 year old brother in the event that something happened to them. I was a wreck, to say the least. I cried their whole flight there and their whole flight back, and then some more in between. I have never been a fan of the time period of writing a will. And there is SO MUCH responsibility put on those listed in the will when kids are involved. Good grief, the stuff put in a will can seriously divide a family. And the root of it all? We’re all horrible, selfish people at heart who want, want, want. I want the money. I want the house. I want the furniture. I want the kids. Oh what, Joe Bob is dead? Well, I hope I get his STUFF.

I am writing this post because although I despise the YUCK that comes along with it, a will is necessary.  Think not? Well, let’s just go back and revisit Joe Bob. Joe Bob dies (without a will) and unfortunately, his wife goes along with him. They have 3 small children and wonderful grandparents, on both sides. Where do the kids go? What happens to the money? Do they get it then or save it until later? And let’s just be honest- having a living will is about as important. Do you know the guilt a family member can live with not knowing if you want life support or not? Sure it seems simple enough, but not really.

Due to the scenarios above and several more than entered my worrisome mind (I know, I know- I can only dwell on TODAY) , JR and I knew this was a must do for us. I won’t lie, we put it off for a few days. And then months. And then it dawned on us- we could fall over dead at any moment. Our days are numbered and none of us know when our last breath will be. What kind of parents would we be to leave Emma grieving a situation and then add to it that we didn’t explain ANYTHING about what would happen. Because we love her too much, this couldn’t be an option. Despite the pain and agony that came with writing a will, she was too worth it NOT to do it. Now I won’t lie, JR and I were miserable all day long. We pouted with every step we took and keep envisioning leaving our sweet precious daughter behind in a world without us. It’s an awful thing to think about and may make you vomit. But you know what would make us vomit worse? Leaving our sweet precious daughter and nothing explaining what to do next. For our peace of mind and with a desire to cause her no harm, we went to Dave Ramsey’s website and purchased the pre-written package since we have no legal expertise and went to work. It’s AMAZING- it walks you through everything and you have no question at all about what to do. Be sure to browse and see which plan is best for you and your family. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So with our written wills in hand, we went to a notary and witnesses to sign those bad boys. It’s sickening, but remember the alternative. Not having a will doesn’t mean you won’t die, it just means you’ll die STUPID (sorry if I offended you but COME ON, you know I’m right!). So take the plunge, show your family you love them and go create your will today. After your done, be sure to start work on your legacy drawer.

What is your advice for writing wills? Any recommendations for the best route to go?


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  1. […] None of my days are promised. I prepared for the worst in hopes it wouldn’t happen. I redid our legacy drawer before I left and made sure not only JR, but my parents, knew where it was. I made sure my best […]

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