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Advice from Momma July 2, 2012

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When you have a baby, life is a whirlwind. And filled with people who know best and don’t feel bad telling you this. Most people I tune out and don’t listen to, however, there are the select few that I trust and value their opinion. One of those is my momma. This post is in her honor and also offers a few humorous tidbits that come straight from the world of “momma knows best”.

When we brought Emma home from the hospital, we had so many cute outfits for her! She was born in the blazing August heat so shorts and short sleeve shirts for this baby. I was so excited about all these purchases and couldn’t quite figure out why Emma was so unhappy with my selections. Then my momma shared with me the secret all mom’s get to share one day with their little girls. The advice that I hoped would never be true but it was. Someone other than my momma was cold in the August heat. And that someone was my little girl. So from that point on, until she regulated her body heat, Emma worn long sleeves and pants. The downside to this was Emma had very few long sleeve preemie or newborn clothes. I went out and bought just above every newborn white onsie I could find. When I saw one, I had to have it. We layered the majority of her clothes with these onsies. She also pooped on every single one of them, too, so there was a lot of cleaning going on. A whole lot of cleaning going on.

The next thing my momma shared with me? My daughter’s lack of warmth didn’t stop at night. It carried on throughout the entire day and then moved into the night. The first few months Emma was with us she did great sleeping. Even at just a few weeks old, she only woke up once during the evening and then again at 6-7am. It was awesome! When Emma turned about 2 1/2 months old she started to grow out of her Halo SleepSacks and we were devastated. However would she sleep? We became professional swaddlers overnight and figured this would seal the deal, but it didn’t. She fussed. She cried. She woke up every 10 minutes. And we were exhausted. After a few days of this, we considered paying someone to come stay up all night with our baby. If you held her she slept. If you put her down, she woke up. For parents with a baby that slept well, this caused a lot of fear to run through us. What is she NEVER slept again?!? This is when my momma shared her warming advice that seriously made nights at the Linkous house so much better. Maybe Emma was still cold. Surely not, surely my child was warm enough in her fleece sleepers and swaddle blanket. So, the next night JR and I decided we would entertain my mother and say at least we tried. The crazy thing was it worked. Emma slept through the entire night and never woke up. And this is how Emma slept until she was about 8 ½ months. Our favorite swaddle blankets are these and Emma absolutely loves them. We carry them around with her regularly for blankets to sit on at the park or if it gets extra cold outside when they weren’t calling for it. This one suggestion was truly amazing and I would recommend trying it if you’re having trouble getting your little one to sleep through the night. Then one day, Emma just grew out of it. She finally developed a decent sense of warmth and doesn’t have to have every inch of her body covered. However, this doesn’t change how my momma feels. She still wants to cover Emma’s every bare spot and is certain she’s cold on a regular basis. I hate to break it to her that it’s back to just her being cold all the time. Every once in awhile, I’ll catch mom putting socks on Emma in 75 degree heat. Or making sure she has a long sleeve onsie on underneath her already fleece sleeper. At the end of the day, my momma cares for Emma. She adores her. And to her, she cares for her even more by adding more layers. Momma knows best, however, sometimes this momma has to take off a few layers once we get home.

The other advice my momma gave me that kept me going, especially during those first few weeks, was this: Emma will cry. She will sometimes be hungry. She will sometimes by tired. There will also be times when we will have no earthly clue why she is crying and there will be nothing we can do to make her stop. At these times, we just hold her and love her. For whatever reason, she is sad, and when I’m sad, I want my momma. Sometimes there is nothing she can do to help me, but it’s comforting just to know that she’s there. Every once in awhile, Emma wakes up with a horrible nightmare and there’s nothing we can do to calm her down. So what do we do? Go back to that advice- sometimes she will cry and there’s nothing we can other than just hold her and give her our presence to remind her that she’s loved.

I love my momma and am so glad she’s been here to help us newbie parents out!

What advice did your mom give you that helped out?


4 Responses to “Advice from Momma”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    Erinn I enjoyed reading this and I don’t even have children. Our Moms certainly know best and we can never stop learning from them ! Looking forward to reading more.

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