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Let’s Get Married! July 5, 2012

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Emma loves a good play buddy. She enjoys spending time with people that love her. One of her favorite people is one of our best friends, Farris (Luke) Blackson. Farris spent a lot of time helping us prepare for Emma and I’m pretty sure she was at our house more than my husband was the weeks before Emma arrived and possibly just as much in the weeks after she was born. We LOVE Farris. Along with her, we LOVE her husband, Jordan. They are truly an amazing couple that we want to be a part of Emma’s life for the long haul. They are and will be a great example to her of what a solid, Christian marriage looks like as well as people who care for and love her.

It comes as no surprise that in vitro, Farris and Jordan asked Emma to be their flower girl at their wedding and we said “yes”. It also comes as no surprise, that Emma adores the very ground Farris walks upon. We were so excited to have this privilege for Emma to share in their special day and we wanted to make sure it was a day to remember. Here’s a little step-by-step of what we did in preparation for our 10 month old to be a flower girl at some of our best friend’s wedding:

We wanted to dress Emma how Farris and Jordan wanted her to look. Farris gave us a couple colors to choose from, so I went shopping. I didn’t buy the first, second or third dress I found. I wanted this dress to be special. I knew one of their colors was a deep red and thought the after Christmas sales would be the best place to find this. After a few weeks passed by, I finally found THE DRESS. It was a beautiful red and ivory dress with a sheer top lining, sparkling flower beads, and chiffon like bottom. It was too precious! And came at the low price of $10. I paired up an ivory hairclip we already had and matching silver shoes and we were set. I also made sure to ask the bride to be if the outfit was acceptable. After all, it is THEIR special day. The only thing that changed prior to the wedding was Emma’s feet stopped growing. We pulled out some clear sandals she had and they worked just fine. Shew! Also, as a sweet gift, Farris & Jordan got Emma this precious necklace and bracelet set. She enjoyed playing with this during the ceremony.

Next, we knew that we wanted Emma to make their day special and not a bother. The majority of the time, babies are precious and sweet. Then every once in awhile, they have a meltdown and become “that child”. You know the one. The one that you wish wasn’t in the room; the one that you wish the parent would take out and wouldn’t come back the rest of the night. So here are some tips on how we helped Emma be the best she could be and provide Jordan & Farris with a great experience in having a 10 month in their wedding (and not a decision they would later regret):

  • We let Emma take a late nap. Normally we don’t nap past 5:30, but for this event we made an exception. Naptime went until 6pm and when she woke, she was refreshed and full on energy (beforehand she was starting to get a little cranky). At this point, she had some amazing babysitters to help her out. These babysitters are called Mimi and Pappous 🙂
  • We fed Emma an hour before “go time”. Emma does best with food on her tummy. We made sure she ate every last drop out of fear that she would get hungry later.
  • Emma rode in a wagon down the aisle and the longer she sat, the more she discovered about the wagon, including how to climb out. I waited until the last minute to put her in so that way she didn’t have as much time to fiddle with everything. For these few minutes, she was solely interested in the ride itself. We were very blessed to have sweet kids, Bella & Eli, pull her down the aisle.
  • We provided her with toys. We made sure Emma had one of her small blocks to play with one stage. We also made sure one of the bridesmaids had an extra block in case this one went MIA. This kept her busy, but so did her new jewelry that I knew she’d love, and the podium for the pastor.
  • We had a back up plan. Even in the best of plans, something can go wrong. We discussed with one of the bridesmaids what to do if Emma had a meltdown and I sat close enough to the front that I could grab her if needed.

As you can imagine, we were very pleased with Emma during the ceremony. She provided an amount of cuteness that was completely adorable, but didn’t steal away from the beauty of the love and devotion shared between the bride and groom. A lot of the above helped make this possible. Once the ceremony ended, we scooped Emma up in our arms and went out to take pictures. Luckily the pictures were right after the ceremony, which didn’t give her much time to have a meltdown. Overall, she did great. She danced with daddy later in the evening, played with Mimi, Pappous, Uncle Erick, Aunt Jessica and several other family friends, and then ate and went to bed. Granted, 11pm is a little late from the normal, but this was a special occasion and a very special one indeed!


Lastly, we want to thank Jordan and Farris for making Emma such a special part of their lives. They continued to love on and care for her during the evening. We even have some precious shots of Emma and Farris in the photo booth they had at their wedding. In the years to come, I pray that Emma can find a love like the one shared between this wonderful couple and I thank God daily for the impact they make in our lives and the lives of others.Photo credit to the amazing work of Sweet T Photography and Briana Morris Photography. Check them out!

Has your child been in a wedding? How did you make the experience the best it could be for you as well as the happy couple?

**Be sure to tune back in late August for Emma’s debut at the wedding of her uncle and aunt, Erick Puckett & Jessica Gilliam. We can’t wait!**


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