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Baby Product Propaganda July 11, 2012

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I love the moment when you go to register for all your baby necessities. If it’s your first, EVERYTHING is a necessity. If it says baby or looks baby, it’s needed. I have to look back and laugh as I realize the things JR and I got that we really didn’t need, but we were certain we’d be unfit parents without it. Here are suggestions on what I would pass on buying and what I would do instead:

*The bassinet- they’re cute and sweet and fit a 6 pound baby perfectly. Isn’t it precious? And then all of sudden your baby is a month old and that $150 you spent goes down the drain. For Emma, we did skip this step and registered for a pack n play instead. WIN! The pack n play we got had a bassinet/changing table combo that fit on the top until your baby outgrew it. The amazing thing was it’s bigger than a regular bassinet so Emma was able to stay in it until she was about 8 months old, in our bedroom. Yes, you read this right. I planned for Emma to leave our room at 6 weeks. Ha! You can tell how well that happened. The great thing, too, is that once we were finished with the bassinet part, it came off easily and we were able to use it for her bed as well as travel. Definitely the best bang for your buck. Also, I would like to make another note on the sturdiness of the pack n play. If you have pets that might run around like crazy, they cannot knock this sucker over. We would be terrified to let Allie within 5 feet of a bassinet. Yes, our less than 20 pound dog is a beast.

*The swing- when we compiled our target gift cards we were impressed. We were also surprised at how quickly they went. One thing that we really wanted was a baby swing. We thought Emma would fall in love from birth and they would grow up together. When Emma was a few weeks old, she fell out of said swing. Up until then, she loved it. As we rushed her to the ER at 3 in the morning, we panicked and planned to have a burning of the swing when we got home. We ended up giving it a second chance and Emma wouldn’t have it. After that, the swing became a sore spot in her mind and it was never used again. There went $130 we definitely could have put to better use.

*The baby tub- when Emma was born I wanted to give her a bath so bad. Instead, I followed the umbilical cord rule and didn’t submerge her in water until it fell off. It was awful. Emma hated her little tub and cried anytime we put her in it. And who wouldn’t? You’re naked on top of mesh in the cold air with water being drizzled on you. When Emma’s cord finally came off, we stuck her in the bathtub inside of her mini bath. She loved it, but it was a PAIN for us. We had to let it dry out. We had to find a place to keep it. It proved to be more than we wanted to handle so we went for the alternative- we jumped in the tub WITH Emma. How much fun! She would play in the tub for quite awhile and we could join in on the fun with her. Whenever we are in a hurry, we stick her in the kitchen sink and she loves it, too. It’s a lot less work and a lot less clean up so we ditched the tub. Also, if you’re brave enough, I’ve heard of several people who still let their babies in the tub with their umbilical cord in tact, they just make sure to scrub it down with rubbing alcohol afterwards. Ah…the days on the stinky cord. So glad it’s gone!

*The baby bullet- I always wanted to make Emma’s baby food here at home. I knew I’d buy store bought on occasion but wanted to be the mom who made hers instead of always buying it. I saw the baby bullet and knew I had to have it. Even the price wasn’t too bad since they were all going on clearance. And then I started to wonder why. I soon realized (luckily BEFORE I bought it) that this was not a necessity. I got a masher that I LOVE and whenever I needed it more finely pureed, I pulled out my blender. Who knew it did the same job as the bullet but I didn’t have to pay extra for it? I would advise anyone who wants one to go this route first and make sure you absolutely cannot live without it. Emma is 10 months now and we don’t even use the blender anymore as small pieces of food are good enough for her. Show me the num nums!

*The toy pit- you’ve seen it, the endless supply of toys that eventually turns into the massive playroom full of an even bigger pit of an endless supply of toys. Now granted, I want Emma to have toys and I want her to play, however, I do not want her to have so much that she doesn’t know what to do with it or she begins to think that money grows on trees and she can have whatever she wants. At this point in life, she prefers a napkin to any toy and I like that. I like that she can use her imagination to make other things come to life. Emma does have a select amount of toys but we try not to go past that. She has a bin of stuffed animals. Once it gets full, we make a donation to the clothing closet at our church which took care of over 11,000 people last year alone. It helps others without and keeps Emma from having too much. Win for everyone! We also have a few sections of smaller baskets for toys that operate the same way. Once they get full, we either give them away or sell them at Wee Cycle It. Something that’s good to do with that extra money that you normally would have spent on a ton of toys is to start your child a savings account for school. We plan on doing this for Emma. She has more already than she needs and funds for school is definitely a need.

What stuff did you find you didn’t really need for your child? What did you do instead?


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