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One in a Million July 13, 2012

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I often times buy Emma’s clothes at stores I know, stores I’m comfortable with and are just down the road. Then there are times I get on Etsy and wonder why I didn’t buy stuff from there ALL THE TIME. I like it because it’s stuff that’s made by the person you’re buying it from rather than through a third party outside of Sri Lanka. It’s not produced in huge, mass quantities. Not everyone and their mother will have one just like it. Yes, sometimes I want Emma to not have the same outfit as 20 other people in her daycare. And my favorite? It helps small businesses, and I love small businesses. Where else can you receive great customer service? There’s something that makes you feel extra special and gooey inside when you send a message or call someone and get a call back from…that person. If I could get a call back from Bill Gates I’d be spending a lot of time talking about Microsoft. But since I know I’m not going to speak to him, I guess that’s why I don’t. It’s sad to think that we’ve gotten so big that we’ve cut out the special care received from small businesses and that one-on-one time. There are often times that I crave it, and a few businesses give me that and when they do, I want to sing their praises!

One of my favorite stores is Crafting Adventures with Heidi & Sara. Before Emma was born, I found this site through my wonderful and amazing friend, Tia Thomas. Tia is not only a great friend, but a great photographer. She does a lot of photography involving their products and that’s how I fell in love with them. I knew my dad’s work would do their yearly Pink Gala event in October and I knew I wanted to order something from their website. They were great to work with me as I tried to pick out the fabric I liked best and finally found one I decided was a win. I loved the skirt we picked out because it complemented the pink look for breast cancer awareness but wasn’t all pink. Perfect! I also liked the little hint of “go green” as it was covered in trees. Too cute! And the great thing was this skirt fit Emma for a long time. I just packed it away about a month and a half ago. During this time, I also bought another skirt that Emma worn during her child dedication. It was more fall colors and covered in apples and pears. How much fun is that? When I contacted them explaining that I wanted to write about them, I purchased this awesome set from them. What a cute skirt and head piece for Emma. JR is a rocker at heart and I thought it would be precious for Emma to carry that out in the way she dresses. Nothing like making your daddy proud of you. We put this outfit together so easily. It can be paired with multiple colors and styles; you dress it up or dress it down.  I love looking at her in this outfit and seeing all the potential photo shoots that can come out of it. The benefit of Heidi and Sara’s clothing is it spans through the ages and the genders. They create attire for babies and tweens. They have coordinating ensembles for brothers and sisters. And every once in awhile they do a family combo so everyone can coordinate. I just love it! And love the accessibility I have with them. I have been able to contact them through facebook and via email with a reply from them in less than a few days. That’s great service! It’s usually the same day, unless it’s late in the evening. Have I said I love small businesses? Because I do.

As a bonus for my readers today, I have two different specials to offer you. Heidi and Sara have been kind enough to offer a discount of 20% off for the next week for the set that I purchased for Emma and have shown you today. The sale will start today and end next Friday, July 20th. How sweet of them! Be sure to visit their facebook page and send them a message to place your order. Just send a message and let them know I referred you!  Also, Tia Thomas with Sweet T Photography is offered a special! When you book a photo session, she will give you (2) FREE 8x10s, a savings of $50! Go to her facebook page and send her a message to set up a time and receive this offer. This is a double bonus! Be sure to get the outfit, then schedule a photo shoot with Tia. Your child will be famous one day.

How do you try to shop small businesses and what are some of your favorite stores?


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