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Somewhere Over the Rainbowtique July 16, 2012

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I love a good hairpiece for Emma. Now don’t get me wrong. There’s a difference between swallowing your child’s head up like a lawn ornament and adding some embellishment. I like to dress Emma up. I like to play with her hair. And I like to coordinate her outfits with what I put in her hair. I have several outlets for this and several places I turn to. One of the best ones I’ve found so far is a small business called “Over the Rainbowtique”. My friend, Noel, started this and as I saw pictures on her facebook page of these precious bows and clips, I knew Emma had to have one. Or two. Or twenty. So I contacted Noel about how to do this and placed my order. There is SO MUCH to choose from on her site! And the great thing is she makes accessories, too. She does pacifier clips and hairpiece holders that hang on your door. Can we say cute? A lot of the stuff coordinates so you can make it matchy. Or you can blend two different styles together. I have a dear friend who says her jewelry pieces are cousins and not sisters. Some people like their baby attire to be that way, too. *back on task* Anyways, I am so blessed to be able to present to you…

Over the Rainbowtique

When I saw this set, I knew it would be PERFECT for Emma’s birthday. Last year at Target, I got her a little cupcake outfit for her birthday party. A good friend got her a similar dress for Christmas that she’ll be able to wear on her actual birthday. How cute will it be to coordinate this? There’s nothing like a good cupcake (have you been to Gigi’s cupcakes? Nom! Nom!), and that includes baby attire. I love how these prints are put together with other colors to help make the fabric pop and not be just plan and simple. And did I say at some point that we LOVE paci clips? Because we do. The fact that it had a matching piece for her paby sealed the deal. SOLD!

We are big football fans at the Linkous house. Our fall and early winter are spent watching a good football game. When Emma was still a little bit, we had several days of running around the house trying to feed the baby and watch the plays. It was NUTS! Now, the next thing I’m going to say may not be as popular. We are even bigger UT fans. I know, I know. It’s been a tough season. Well, quite a few tough seasons but if anyone can get us out of this rut we’re in, it will be Derek Dooley and his rockin’ orange pants. Anyways, since it’s been a tough couple of seasons, we needed something to spice it up. So this year, Emma will be dressed appropriately with not only her UT clothing but also this awesome football hair clip! For those of you anti-UT people, this piece is universal and can be worn for ANY football team. It’s traditional brown and white for football season that way your child can wear it to midget league, high school, college, or NFL games. What a win!

As many of you know, we are making the leap and taking Emma to Disney for a day in September. It just isn’t in the budget to go every day but truthfully, one day will be more than enough with a 13 month old. Can I get an amen? However, to go to Disney there are certain things that are a must. For example, if she is going to eat breakfast with Minnie Mouse she needs to honor her in someway. Take a look at this awesome clip that I found at Over the Rainbowtique! This will be super cute while in Disney and add a little something extra to her outfit that morning especially as she’s eating and we see Minnie walk by. Too cute! We will probably put it together with traditional Minnie colors: black, white and red.

The final thing we ordered was a set in an owl print. In case you didn’t know, owls are in. They are on EVERYTHING. I walked in a store the other day for Emma and saw owl hairclips. I walked into another and saw a teenager picking out a necklace with an owl on it. My good friend Crystal is in love with owls and has them on a lot of her stuff. So needless to say, owls are the “it” design for right now. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t allow Emma to participate? I purchased this hair and paci clip set knowing she would be cute as a doll. And guess what? I was right!!! I love it when I’m right.

The good thing about these products is that they’re made with love and care. The pieces I have I love and they have held up for us. That’s a big deal to me. When I get something that has fray marks on it or isn’t in tip top shape I’m upset. I want to spit and sometimes I do. Over the Rainbowtique made it easy to order and they delivered a great product. I would highly recommend placing an order with them. Check regularly as she adds new items and it’s an awesome surprise to go to the site and find something new that you love! Another good thing is that it’s a small business with a real person. If you have questions or suggestions for a certain piece you are looking for, you can contact the seller (Noel) and she will do her best to work with you. I love that kind of service. It does my heart good. Another WONDERFUL thing Noel has done for you all is that she is offering a DISCOUNT. Woot woot! Discounts are awesome and such a help when you can’t decide between one or two items. Now you can get BOTH! Until Saturday, July 29th, you can visit the website and enter the code bowsale20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order total.  Thanks Noel!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have found things you love. I know I have!


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