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I Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Raisin’ No Babies! July 20, 2012

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I love Gone with the Wind. LOVE IT. I love it when Prissy tells Scarlett, “I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies!”. Every time I hear that it cracks me up. When we went to the hospital and they were telling me all that was going to happen, this exact phrase popped into my head. Truthfully, I think I can elaborate on that and say that I don’t know nothin’ ’bout raisin’ no babies. But I’m learning. This post is dedicated to all us mommies who just learn as we go and the stuff we learn that just comes natural in the world of mom and dad…

When Emma was first here I didn’t know a lot. I knew I loved it and I think that was the most important thing. I could learn everything else along the way but loving her was what would get me there. Here are some of the things I learned come just naturally:

*Nursing- it’s so true how natural this comes. When the nurse brought Emma to me and I let her latch for the first time, I cried. I couldn’t believe how she knew what to do and how natural it seemed. I just couldn’t get past the fact that she didn’t have to be taught and neither did I. Granted, we had issues along the way, but the fact is- no one had to teach us how to do this. It just proves to me how God created us as humans to be nourished and He provided a way to feed our children. There is nothing like a momma’s milk.  The few weeks I nursed Emma we bonded so much. I would rock her and sing to her. And then she always fell asleep and cuddled up to me. It still melts my heart to think about it. Am I saying it’s wrong to bottle feed or do formula? Not a chance. Every parent has to make their own decision, I’m simply stating how natural nursing comes to babies and definitely would recommend trying this awesome experience with your child.

*Holding Her- My husband didn’t hold a newborn infant until the day Emma was born. He loves kids but was terrified to hold a little one. No joke. He would panic if someone even came near him holding a baby. When Emma was born, I wondered how he would respond and he was a pro. Even after never holding one, he knew how to hold this newborn. She is HIS little girl and that just comes natural. You have so much love for your child that you don’t have much time to think about anything else other than loving them. We couldn’t keep our hands off Emma and it hasn’t changed any. The first time we held her was natural and it’s stayed that way. There’s nothing else that feels more normal than holding our sweet little girl.

*Protecting Her- The first time I had the instinct to protect Emma was in the hospital. We made every person who came in take a bath in hand sanitizer. We took hourly baths in it. There wasn’t enough to go around the room. We definitely wanted to keep her from getting sick and this was a good start. Another time was when a little girl wanted to hold 5 week old Emma. She was about four and we didn’t even know her. I politely picked Emma up and held her far above the little girls reach. If things couldn’t get worse, the girl then made her way over to Emma’s car seat and toys and began to touch all of them. Her snotty little hands were ALL. OVER. THEM. Luckily my dad was there to save the day. He picked up the car seat and toys and removed them from the little girl’s reach. Then grandma decided to tell me how cute it was. Seriously? I gave grandma my mommy look and walked off, preparing to disinfect everything the minute we got home (and I did). I wanted to say a lot. I wanted to take a stick and beat the person who encouraged this behavior. You can’t completely blame the child when she’s not being taught differently or corrected. The instinct to protect your little one comes so naturally that it’s a little scary. I now definitely understand why a momma bear doesn’t want you to approach her cub.

*Hazardous Waste Removal- I get queasy about a lot of things. I was certain poop and spit up would be at the top of the list. I didn’t know what to think about all the poop and spit up I’d be seeing with Emma and was a little concerned if I’d be able to keep my dinner down while cleaning a mega dirty diaper. The crazy thing is, it hasn’t been that bad. Do I look forward to these moments? Not really. Do I get sick trying to take care of them? Nope. You quickly learn that your child’s comfort is way more important than yours. I’m pretty sure JR and I can change a diaper in 2.4 seconds while also multi-tasking with about 20 other things. You learn and all of a sudden getting poop on your finger or spit up in your hair isn’t the worse thing ever. It just comes natural. Cleaning it is a whole other story.

*Crying- The first time I heard Emma cry, it was so precious. When we were at the hospital she would whimper some and it was always about food. When we got home, it started meaning other things and I had no idea what to do. Newborns have strange patterns and I had no idea what was going on. Not one bit. I heard people say that you would learn your child’s cry and what it meant but I thought they were nuts. All I heard was crying. Somewhere we saw this device that was over 90% accurate in detecting what your child’s cry meant and we considered getting it. Thank goodness we didn’t because one day it just clicked. We know her hungry cry. We know her sad cry. We know her tired cry. We know her scared cry. There are several different cries that a baby has but as mommy and daddy, we’ve started to learn what they all are. There are still times that she will cry “just because”, but it’s usually related to something and we’re able to figure out what. Wow! It’s just beyond me to think that you learn this kind of thing as a parent. I am just amazed and how we can know so much about our child even before words are being spoken. God is good!

This is a little taste of what we have experienced as a mommy and daddy and I was so thankful to have the help of my wonderful husband, J.R., in working on this post. Thanks baby!

What has come naturally to you as a mommy or daddy?


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  1. 🙂 Love Mommy Instinct.

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