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Twins! July 24, 2012

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Let me start this post with NO, I am not pregnant with twins! Good grief, if I was pregnant at all I might be in the looney bin, not writing a post for this blog. God blesses us and never gives us more than we can handle, and twins right now would definitely be more than I could handle. On another note, I love to match Emma. I think it’s cute when we can put outfits together that coordinate. It’s super cute! The downside? It can be VERY expensive! There are several clothing companies that offer outfits that match/coordinate but it will be well over $100 to get JUST the outfits, not counting any accessories that go along with it! So today I’m going to share some ideas on how to match your sweet baby!

First, don’t make plans to go out and buy an outfit from start to finish. The whole point of this is to NOT spend more than $100, preferably not to spend any money at all. The way we work at the Linkous house is we work with what we have. Sometimes that isn’t much. That’s why we can match AND coordinate.I think it’s just a good rule to never go out and buy stuff “just because”. If you get stuff in advance, you can pay a much cheaper price and get more bang for your buck. I hate having buyer’s remorse and I always do after I pay full price for something. Always.

Second, go to your closet or your baby’s closet. Find an outfit that you like and play off that. I’ll start with Emma’s closet because her clothes are way cuter than mine.

Exhibit A: Cute orange & brown safari top/skirt. I LOVE this outfit. And am so jealous it’s not in my size. We got this as a gift from our friend, Anita. Her little boy, Kipton, was born 2 weeks before Emma. She is destined to marry him. It’s good he knows the way to her heart and is buying her clothes early. Smart man!

We don’t stop here. What would work with this outfit for Emma? I found some animal print leggings I got on clearance at Target back at Christmas time. Have I told you all lately that I love Target? Seriously, if it were a person I would marry it. That and King’s Produce which is another story. I have a wonderful brother who works at Target. I love him, too. He is always available for me to ask questions and helps me know where everything is located. What would I do without him, and Target?  Anyways- these leggings will work great with this outfit on a cool day or if we will be indoors in a chilly location. Shoes aren’t hard to come by at our house. Emma has about 20 pairs of shoes so I’ll grab one that coordinates and go with it. Lastly, a cute headband we were able to put together thanks to our friends, Jillian & Paige. Thanks girls! We love these headbands and how we can constantly switch out colors.

Exhibit B: Time to go to MY closet. Yikes. This could get scary, but I’m not giving up! As I begin to look through all I own, I see a white skirt peaking out from behind my jeans. That dress has orange at the bottom! Orange & white. Emma’s outfit is orange and white (and brown). Score! The wheels are turning and I decide to put a plan brown top with it. I love fitted tshirts. Remember my maternity post? Since it will be warm out and I get hot all the time, no need for a jacket (but if I decided that I need one- it would be my jean jacket. Everyone needs one!). I decide some simple shoes to go with it and decorating with jewelry is the way to go as well as throwing on one of Emma’s flower hair clips (thanks Emma!) to add some flare.

Voila! We match and it didn’t cost us a dime. What are your suggestions on matching and coordinating with your little one?


2 Responses to “Twins!”

  1. I love to match! But Barry thinks it’s silly. LOL

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