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Splish, Splash July 25, 2012

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Splish, splash I was taking a bath…I sing this song to Emma almost every time we have a bath. The main reason? Emma almost always splashes in the tub. The other reason? We have fun in the tub. Some of my fondest memories so far have involved Emma and water. She loves it. Our first few experiences of having a bath were in the net of her baby bathtub without any water and a stinky umbilical cord. It was AWFUL. She hated bath time and we did, too. I was sad to think this would be our future in the world of bath time, especially with all the fun stories I have heard from other mommies and daddies. Then the day came when the cord came off and we were able to submerge Emma and at that moment she fell in love. A smile spread across her face so big we couldn’t believe it. We then realized that yes, the time in the bath would be fun and provide Emma with some awesome memories. Here are some things that we do with Emma that makes bath time extra fun and what bath time is all about at the Linkous house:

We take a bath with Emma. JR and I aren’t above jumping in the tub with Emma. In fact, she takes more baths with us than without us. We started this when we were terrified of her not being able to hold her head up and accidentally getting water in her mouth and ears. It just grew into her getting older and became a normal thing to do. We jump in and play along with her. It gives us additional time to bond with Emma during our day and gets to see the fun from her side of the tub, so to say. This doesn’t mean we’re always in the tub with her. Sometimes we put her in our sink and let her have bath time there, however, we’re still very involved in not just bathing her but also having fun and playing.

We take our time. We try not to rush this time as it’s one of Emma’s favorite times of the day. I think it might be what she considers her down time so we try to allow her this time. We let her take her time discovering the water, her toys, and anything else lying around the tub for her to play with and investigate. It’s a great time to unwind from our day and allow Emma time to relax and settle down in preparation for bedtime. You know how relaxing it is use to be to take a nice, hot bubble bath at night? Yea, I remember the good ole days. Every once in awhile, JR will take on all the nighttime responsibilities so I can soak in the tub. I love him a whole lot. It’s a lot to do nighttime at the Linkous house so this is a huge sacrifice he makes for me. Anyways, it has the same effect on a child. It just gives you time to wind down and breath. There were times the first few months that we would have to fight Emma to stay awake to eat after bath time.

We PLAY. Emma has several different toys for the tub but her favorite items are two plastic toys we got as a shower gift. She will just hold them and look and look at them trying to figure out what their purpose is in life. Whatever the purpose, Emma loves them and trying to take them away will surely create a hazardous environment. They usually follow us to the changing table afterwards. Emma has also discovered how to spray Allie with these toys which is hilarious to me, but not so much to Allie. Allie usually keeps her distance at bath time now except for the occasional dip in the tub to drink some bath water. Have I ever said that Allie is crazy? Because sometimes I think she is. Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t let Emma get all wrinkly and turn into a raisin, but we also give her enough time to enjoy the time she has in the tub. What fun is it to hop in and hop out?

We use healthy products for Emma. We want bath time to be fun and safe all around and that includes the products we use. We order a lot of our products from Vitacost and use this site to discover what products are paraben free, kind to animals, sensitive to baby skin, and more. It’s such a comfort to know that we’re using bath time items that keep our daughter safe and will hopefully promote a cancer free lifestyle for her along with several other health risks from using over processed items.

Memories are made. Emma has made so many memories in the tub and had a lot of “first” moments. One of the first times she held her head up was in the tub. She sat up by herself for the first time in the sink. The tub was also the first place she pulled up to stand. Crazy, huh? It must promote learning for children. I’m sure if we looked back in history, people like Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin spent a lot of time taking baths, too. Geniuses are born in a world of bath toys and bubbles. I won’t be surprised to see Emma begin walking in the tub.

We have a routine. We try to have bath time every night. Does this always happen? No. During the week of Amplify she had a bath ONCE at my momma’s house. I felt at first like we may be the worst parents ever and then I thought, there is no where else I’d rather her be than seeing lives changed at our church. If that meant no bath time, that was ok. It was for a better cause. For the most part, we have a routine of bath time/play time, drinking her bottle and eating her solids, and then going to bed. We’re trying to begin regularly reading her a book before bedtime but this is still a work in progress. I keep telling myself if we can do it for 3 weeks straight the habit has been made. We WILL make this goal. Dolly Parton is definitely helping us along the way. A routine is always helpful but we don’t stick to it so much so that Emma is in a tizzy if we don’t make it every night. We try to be flexible as our schedules are so busy and make Emma the type of child that goes with the flow. She gets this somewhat naturally. She is her father’s daughter, you know.

We hope Emma continues to love bath time as much as she does now. I can’t wait to see how much she continues to learn and explore as she gets older. I’ve been told on more than one occasion to prepare for her to drink her own bath water. I’m still working on a plan in my mind to keep this from happening, but I have a feeling her and Allie will be taking the team effort to accomplish this task. It still makes me queasy to think about but oh well. I guess it’s true that bad company corrupts good character. Thanks Allie, thanks a lot.

What do you enjoy about bath time with your little one? Is there anything you had to do to make them enjoy it a little more?


3 Responses to “Splish, Splash”

  1. Lori Says:

    I love watching the girls explore different toys and what they do. They’ve had the same toys for a long time but they still find new ways to play with them. I bought food coloring to change up the water to make it more fun but I think it entertained me more than them but it will be a great tool when they get older to learn primary and secondary colors (and no your child won’t come out of the tub funny colors). I also blow bubbles for them. This is their absolute favorite by far. They LOVE bubbles. They love popping them and I make crazy noises for all the bubbles they pop.

    • erinnlinkous Says:

      We got Emma some bubbles for her birthday. We can’t wait! And we will have to try coloring the water. Maybe I should blog about it? When I do, I’ll be sure to give you credit!!!

  2. […] toys . Emma loves bath time and always has. She is a water dog. She loves the pool just as much. When she started out loving […]

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