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Doctor Doctor! July 27, 2012

I hate that moment. You know the one. When you look at your child and you just see SICK. It’s one of the saddest things ever and scariest, too. When you have an infant, it adds a whole new level of concern to it all. Your baby can’t tell you what’s wrong. They can’t show you. And you better hope that you know what to do when you find your child in need of medical attention. Here’s a little lesson in the life of doctors at the Linkous house.

When Emma was first conceived, I knew right away who her doctor would be. I went to Dr. Makres at Bristol Pediatrics as a child. My parents trusted him with my life so why wouldn’t I do the same? When they asked us towards the end of my pregnancy who our pediatrician would be I didn’t even pause. Dr. Makres is who we picked and boy am I glad we picked him. Right after we had Emma, at 11:30 at night, Dr. Makres made his way to the hospital to check on our precious little girl and make sure all was well. Emma’s sugar levels were low so he began monitoring her right away and had her on an iv during her stay at the hospital. He checked her and other than this, all seemed well. The next morning, he was back bright and early. He found a tongue-tie and clipped her tongue, but first asked our permission. I loved how everything he did he consulted us first. I’m pretty sure this is standard and pretty much required, but he just made us feel involved as new parents. After this visit, he was back to check on her every few hours, including Sunday. He got there early in the morning to check her sugar levels and after verifying they were back to normal, gave us a time line to stay and once her sugars had been at that level for so long, we were allowed to go home. We were SO glad to go home but also so glad to have a doctor that cared enough about her to not just send her packing but continue to check on her throughout her stay at the hospital.

After a few well baby visits, we encountered our first real scare with Emma. While she was sleeping in her swing during the night and she fell out. Talk about scared. We didn’t know what to do. I was crying, JR was fumbling around, and our next thought was to call Dr. Makres. We called the hot line number and were given his direct cell number. I wasn’t too sure how long it would take for him to call back after we left a message, but guess what? At 2 a.m. he picked up. He sent us to the ER right away but assured us that with her reaction she should be just fine. Guess what? He was right! This man is a pure genius. He let the ER doctor do all the basic check ups but called two separate times during our hour visit to make sure Emma was ok and that he didn’t need to come down as well. I love that kind of care. I’m sure he had to be at work bright and early the next morning but he took the time to check on his patient and her terrified parents. He made sure to check on us in the days to come, which meant the world to us. Have I said how much we love Dr. Makres?

Emma is also a daycare baby. Right now she’s in daycare two days a week but began at four days. We love where she goes and the fact that she’s with her aunt, but let’s be honest about one thing: daycare babies get sick a lot in the beginning. I felt like Emma was coughing and sneezing constantly and had an endless runny nose. Dr. Makres was quick to calm our nerves after visiting him about 20 times. He reminded us that the congestion would be constant for these first few months, as she had already come into contact with a cold. He also reminded us that we didn’t need to go to the doctor every two seconds or every time she sneezed. It would make more sense to stay at home than to expose her to all the other diseases awaiting her in the sick child room. He encouraged us to get a humidifier for her during the dry winter months and made it clear that unless her temperature spiked to 101.5, he didn’t want to see her in the office. Wow. It’s crazy to me how a doctor can care about his patients enough to tell them the truth than to take advantage of the money that comes in from visiting every two days. Does this mean we never go in? No. When Emma was about six months old, she developed RSV and he wanted to see her immediately. They took great care of her and had a follow up a week later to make sure she was improving. They also calmed our nerves as parents and reassured us that all would be ok.

The most recent episode we had was just a few weeks ago when Emma was teething for the 4th time (4th tooth). The first 3 came in wonderfully and we didn’t even notice them it went so smoothly. However, the fourth came in with a bang and wanted to be noticed. Emma’s temperature spiked to 100 and instead of panicking as normal, we sat back and waited. We remembered the advice our wonderful doctor gave us. There are some things that we can handle it at home. There are some things that just a little TLC can fix. We spent a lot of time loving on Emma and giving her some Tylenol to ease the pain and drop her temperature, and surely enough, within two days she was doing much better. We went through a few nights of difficult sleep but I think the storm has finally passed. Thank you, Dr. Makres, for saving us some money and also empowering us as parents. I can now see why my parents trusted you with my care and why I trust Emma’s with you as well.

What have you learned from your doctor and what good advice have you received from him/her?


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