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The Bottomless Pit July 30, 2012

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When Emma was still in vitro, I found my dream diaper bag. I loved it. I would visit Target regularly to check it and make sure it hadn’t gone on clearance. No such luck. Then one day I was browsing on Baby Steals and voila! There was my diaper bag for HALF PRICE. I scooped it right up and when it arrived, I packed it right away. I knew we would need it at the hospital so I thought the sooner it was packed the better. It sat in Emma’s room for about 4 1/2 months waiting on her arrival. Yes, I’m a little anal about stuff like this.

Emma arrived and along with it came everything we thought we needed in her diaper bag. Can I tell you that it would not fit in my dream bag? I tried and tried. We would stuff it so full and it would never zip. Finally my husband had enough. He traded out my diaper bag with his man bag. I was leery at first and then let my guard down. This bag fit everything in it AND had room for more! Wow! That’s just nuts to me- my husband was right and I was wrong! Document this as the first and last time. Ha! Anyways, we have finally got to the point we don’t need as much and have gone back to the good ole faithful bag that I fell in love with so long ago. JR still doesn’t agree so we leave his bag in his truck as a back up. It makes him feel better even though we don’t use it. We are currently on the hunt for an even smaller bag so any suggestions you all have would be greatly appreciated. I love the Ju-Ju-Be brand but just can’t get my cheap self to pay those prices. Ouch! We have learned overtime that we don’t need quite as much as we thought we did and I’ve included a list of essential items to carry around in your diaper bag for mom and for baby:

*Diapers & Wipes- This is an essential. You always need to be prepared to change a diaper, even if you’re only going to be gone for 5 minutes because that will be the 5 minutes that your child has a huge blowout. We always try to pack more than we’ll need just in case we’re out longer than we expected. This would be true of those of you who use cloth diapers, too. You can bring these and a wet bag to store them in or you could always have disposable diapers for on the go moments.

*Toys- Everyone once in awhile we need something to entertain Emma. Mostly she entertains herself with what’s around but sometimes it’s good to have things prepared. We try to keep about 2 small toys in her diaper bag that are easy to wash off. This way if they’re dropped we can take care of it quick. We don’t usually bring toys that take batteries as that’s even more work to keep up with and who has time for that when you’re on the go? Not us.

*Blanket- We got some amazing blankets that I’ve talked about on here more times than I can count, but I thought I’d bring it up once more since it’s something that we carry regularly in the diaper bag. We have four different ones so as soon as one gets dirty we are able to switch it out pretty quickly. We are able to use it on cold days or when we want to play outside or somewhere we don’t want her to sit on the floor. It’s good for all kinds of things and is so comfortable. She loves the texture and it works great to keep around- I think we’ll keep doing that for at least a few more months.

*Pabys- As you know, Emma loves her paby. It’s one of her favorites. Since they make more than one and she is willing to take more than one, we carry them in a little bag inside her diaper bag. This come in handy when one drops somewhere we won’t pick it back up. Also, she gets mad sometimes and throws it in the car and we can’t reach it but we can always reach the back up bag, thank goodness! It’s also good for days when we’re in a hurry, Emma’s talking a mile a minute, and then we run out of the house without a paby. The back up always wins and doesn’t take up much space. Double win.

*Snacks- There are times that we don’t have food for Emma as it’s not time for her to eat but she gets hungry. It’s good to have something to help her hold on until meal time so we carry snacks. We have a little plastic container full of her organic puffs that we keep in her bag and let me tell you, puffs go a LONG way. That little container of puffs lasts forever. We also make sure to have water. Emma loves water more than anything else and it’s good for her, in moderation of course. I can’t tell you how many times the back up snacks have saved us in a crisis where we didn’t have anything else to make Emma happy. Long live the puffs and long live the happy baby. Let me note here that if we’re gone for more than a few hours, we bring a bottle, any solids we may need, and water. We try to be ready in case the places we go are not.

*Change of clothes- This is one item that we don’t need as many as we use to but we still need them on occasion in case of a random accident. We try to keep an outfit that is good for cold or hot weather. During the summertime, we’re doing leggings and a short sleeve shirt. We’ve had to use this outfit once or twice so far and it’s been so helpful.

*Hand Sanitizer & Tissues- Emma has been known to have a runny nose or two. I have been known to have these myself. It’s always good to have some spare tissues in case there’s ever the need. I can’t tell you how many times having these have saved us from being up a creek. There are some things you just don’t want to bring home on a bib. That’s what the tissues are for and thank goodness! On the other end of that, carry around some hand sanitizer. You’ll be so glad you did.

*Bib- Emma is a messy eater. When you pull out something that’s bright purple, it’s on. For that, we always go to the bib. There’s nothing like prunes all over a nice, pretty dress. I understand there will be times when messes just happen but if I can help it, that’s what I’ll do. Do I wash the bib every time she uses it? Nope. It’s been known to get pretty nasty before trading it in for a new one. Thank goodness for stain remover. Can I get an amen?

*Book- The last thing we try to carry is a book. Emma needs continued education and whenever we have a spare moment of time, we try to pull it out and read it to her. It can be the same book over and over but I like to use her books from Dolly. She gets a new one every month, so we just replace the old one with this new one. It’s a good reminder to trade out and also offers her some variety.

We are currently in the process of upgrading our diaper and moving to a smaller one. Will all these items stay? Probably not. But this is what we currently carry and what makes life on the go just a little bit easier.

What have you found as a diaper bag necessity? Any recommendations for a smaller more suitable diaper bag as we enter the toddler stage?


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