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Babes in Toyland July 31, 2012

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When we had Emma, we knew she would get a lot of toys from us and from friends and family. And maybe from some strangers, too. There’s something about giving toys to babies that is addictive. Let’s not lie- there are a TON of cute toys out there for kids that serve so many different purposes. It blows my mind the options you have. If you dream up a toy, I’m sure it’s out there or it will be created very soon. JR and I were talking shortly after we got our iphones about how cute it would be to have something to put our iphones in since Emma loves to play with them and guess what? Fisherprice created such a thing! I’m not going to lie- we bought into this one and got one for Emma for her birthday. It simply offers a protective casing for your phone and an easier way for your child to hold onto them. We’ll have to let you know how it works come August 24th. Emma plays with our phones on a regular basis and has already broken two of my cases so I figured, “why not?” With that being said, I wanted to go over a combination of Emma’s favorite toys as well as our favorite toys for her:

*Binky and Savannah (stuffed animals)- Binky should go without saying. She goes everywhere we go but she usually stays in car when we’re places she might get lost (the store, daycare, etc). Binky is always with us when we are taking naps and at bedtime. It’s just an understood thing. She reaches out for Binky any time she’s tired and there’s nothing like it to take its place. I can’t tell you the countless times we’ve had that “sick-at-my-stomach” and “I’m-going-to-vomit” moments when we thought we’ve lost Binky. One time, we went out for the day and panicked because we couldn’t find Binky. We couldn’t get home fast enough. Luckily, she was on the den floor and Allie hadn’t bothered her. Two miracles in one day! We bought back up Binkys, too. I personally think Emma will know the difference but JR is certain he can fool her. You all will know how that went down if you find a Binky in one of your baby gifts. Ha! Savannah is her second in command. We bought Savannah when we were on vacation this summer in Savannah, Georgia, and she loves her, too. She’s about the same size as Binky and I can’t decide it they’re good friends or competing with one another. Either way, they both have Emma’s love and she spends a lot of time playing with them. Unfortunately, however, Savannah is one eye short as Allie did find her. Allie always goes for the eyes first and Savannah didn’t make it out unharmed.

*Sophie the Giraffe- this giraffe rocks my socks off. First off, it’s French. It won in my book right off the bat, but it took some convincing for Emma. We got it as a gift and for several months Emma never gave it a second thought. We would bring it places in her diaper bag and try to offer it to her. One day, we noticed Sophie was missing and we panicked. Where could she be? And let me tell you, Sophie isn’t cheap. Losing Sophie rocked our world and I racked my brain for days. The last place we had Sophie was at church so I decided to visit the nursery in hopes that someone had seen her. Sure enough, Sophie was waiting for us in the toy bin with her highlighter marks and all (don’t ask how I did that…). About two months ago, when Emma was first getting teeth, she met Sophie for the first time. Apparently, she’s great for sore gums and her squeaking makes her extra fun. Who knew? So now Emma chews on Sophie and Allie wants her. This is our life- our child and our dog will be sharing toys for the rest of their lives.

*Shape blocks- When Emma was just a wee bit, probably 4-6 weeks old, we received a set of shaped blocks that go into a little container with one condition- we didn’t use them until she was age appropriate. Someone used them for a project and didn’t need them as they had much older kids but didn’t want to cause Emma harm by giving them to her too early. So, as they requested, we waited until she was 6 months old and then gave them to her. She LOVES them. It’s hilarious to watch her attempt to put her blocks into the container- she still hasn’t figured out the shape part completely. Whenever she gets fed up, she just sticks them back in the area where you pull them out. I guess that’s easier. She also hides her paby there. I can’t tell you how many pabys have mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared…when she plays with her blocks. Crazy child.

*Books- Emma loves a good book. She’s not sure she loves to read them yet but we’re getting there. The other night I tried to read a book to her in French and she could care last about what I was saying but was way more infatuated with the idea that the pages moved. With this, cards come as an equally liked toy. For my birthday, our great friends Darren & Anna got me a card that sings music from The Little Mermaid. My FAVORITE. Apparently, it’s her favorite, too. When she opens it up, her face and eyes light up like she’s found a long lost friend and the best toy known to man. It amazes me that she knows how to open and close it over and over again and that makes the music play. How are kids this smart? It’s beyond me.

*Random stuff- Emma plays with some serious random things. She likes napkins. And cups. And my bracelets. Her more recent fetish is Allie’s water bowl. She has poured it on herself once and attempted to drink it, but failed, multiple times. I dread the day I come in and she’s taken a sip or two. I pray this day never happens. It really makes me cringe to even think about it. We took JR out for Father’s Day to Mellow Mushroom and Emma played with her napkins and straw papers for what seemed like hours. Give her these and she’s set for life. It cracks me up that we try to invest so much in toys that will change our child’s life and teach them all kinds of things when it’s the simple things that they love. It truly makes no sense to me but I’m glad these things make her happy. And I’m glad she can keep herself entertained with her imagination. It means a WHOLE lot to this momma. Along with these random toys, she considers her toothbrush to be one, too. When you’re a teething baby, there’s nothing quite like brushing your teeth to ease your discomfort. She could let me do this for hours.

There are other toys that Emma loves and she also plays with her battery-operated toys. I don’t mind these but they can get expensive so they’re not on the top of the list of toys that she plays with all the time. And to be honest, they’re not her favorite. It seems she gravitates more towards the other toys, which doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

These are a few of Emma’s favorite toys as well as mine. What are the favorite toys your child has, for you and for them?


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  1. Annie can’t keep her hands off the Sophie you got me. 🙂

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