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Let Dad…Be Dad August 7, 2012

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When I look back on when I was growing up, I clearly remember all the fun we had with dad. Saturday was wrestling day with dad and we would spend the majority of our morning rolling around the floor and dad letting us win. It didn’t matter though. It was all about having fun and spending time with dad. Dad also taught us popular childhood songs that every child should know. For example, I still know every verse to the “Comit” song he taught us as well as the “Stranded” rendition we created.  For a brief period, mom worked weekends so we would drive up to Bluefield every weekend. Dad would sit back and patiently listen to twenty versions of us singing “On Our Way to Nanny’s House”. Those were the days. When I look back at growing up with dad, I smile. Dad made growing up fun. He made us feel important. And I’m thankful that he was not  “all work and no play”. Now don’t get me wrong, there was work to be done and chores we were responsible for doing. There was one time that Erick and I got in a huge argument and dad had it up to his eyeballs. He sent us up to our rooms to wait for our punishment. When dad sent us upstairs, we always knew a spanking would follow. I snuck into Erick’s room and we came up with a master plan that would protect us. We would stuff pillows down our pants in preparation for the spanking. Dad would never know. I remember dad walking in the room, looking at us, and walking back out. No spanking happened that day. I remember being so confused by it but am certain dad about died from laughing at us afterwards. I can’t wait to see all the schemes Emma comes up with to get out of trouble.

I say all this to point out that there are certain things that moms are just known for around the house. Mom is the great comforter. I remember always going to mom when I fell or when my heart was broken. She was just good at taking care of me when I was distraught and she still is today. Emma has naturally developed that same instinct. When she’s hurt or scared, mommy is the only person who can make it all better. Anytime she falls over, she looks straight for me as to say, “come on mom, it’s your turn!”. Mommies also have an amazing ability for rocking their babies to sleep. JR puts Emma to sleep but it seems like when I hold her, she just knows it’s bedtime and will usually drift right off to sleep. I’m not going to lie here though, there are times that Emma demands she stays up. In these cases, we normally let her. She gets down in the floor and when she’s ready for sleep she rubs her eyes, lifts her arms up, and I gladly scoop her up. The last thing that I personally know moms are good for is discipline. When I was growing up, my dad disciplined us. It’s not like he got a free pass. For some reason, however, it was always scarier coming from mom. When momma ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy. When we were little and it was just mom in the car with the two of us, she carried around a wooden ruler. When we would misbehave there was no need to pull over. Mom would just pull out that ruler, stick her hand in the back, and hit whatever came in its way. I was terrified of wooden rulers after that. We haven’t had to disciple Emma much other than saying “no”, but I have a feeling mommy discipline will be scarier with her, too. That’s just how it seems to be.

This leads me to my main and final point: dads are just known for certain things around the house, too. Yes, dad’s discipline and they help out. I couldn’t make it through a day without the help JR gives me. He is super dad. There are things though that just comes more naturally to him. He is FUN. When he walks into the room, Emma cackles. She knows playtime is about to begin and she jumps up and down with anticipation. I can play with her, but it’s not the same reaction. Dad comes up with games and crazy things for them to do and she soaks them all up. The other day I was in the den paying bills and here comes JR and Emma. Emma was in her toy basket with a few toys and JR was pulling her around in it. With my purse strap. Emma loved it. Allie loved it, too. She couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on so she just ran wherever JR took Emma. It became a serious race once Allie realized what was going on. Emma just smiled and laughed, and loved every minute of this precious time spent with daddy.

The other day, I came home from work after a busy day expecting to find a clean house as we were having guests over for dinner. What I came home to was anything but clean. There were toys EVERYWHERE and not a peep being made. I walked in to find JR and Emma both taking a nap. I was livid. My blood was boiling and there was no controlling it. I was so upset and made it known. As I was walking running around trying to pick everything up, JR reminded me of something. Would I rather him pick up or spend time with Emma? Good gravy, what was I thinking? Do I want his help around the house? Yes, and he helps me A LOT. Do I want him to love on Emma more than anything else? Yes, and he does that A LOT, too. I’m so blessed and in the midst of all that was going on, I failed to realize that sometimes the house will be a little messy but you know what? People know we have a child. And a messy house usually has children who are extra loved. I need to keep reminding myself of this. I wrote a post about it a few days ago and still forgot. I’m still a work in progress.

At the end of the day, I stand amazed and thankful at how I’ve been blessed. I was able to have a dad who loved me unconditionally and still does. I’m still the apple of his eye and he is mine. What would we do without our dads? I’m continually blessed to have a husband who is the father to our precious girl and loves her unconditionally. I’m thankful for my heavenly Father who gave this example to them to follow and am proud at what an amazing job they do. I often times forget. Have I said yet that I’m still a work in progress?

What has your dad or your husband done that’s made a big impact on you and/or your kids?


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