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Go Green August 10, 2012

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For a long time, I have felt a very strong conviction to be a better steward of the earth we have been given. This is not to say that I’m one with nature. God is still my God, however, God gave me this place to live and call home. How would I feel if I gave someone a house and they tore it to pieces? I’d be ticked to say the least. I wanted to share a little today about how the Linkous house is starting to “Go Green”. And we’re getting there one day at a time. Practice makes perfect!

When we were in France in March 2011, we helped them clean up a lot of stuff around the house and at one point, we found several half used water bottles and went to throw them away. We were stopped immediately and told they could be used. Beyond recycling, what on earth could you use that for? They watered flowers. They ironed clothes. This water still served a purpose and as your normal, everyday American, we were getting ready to toss it in the trash. Wow! Talk about convicted. As soon as I came home, I developed this mentality. I’m big on not drinking bottled water once it gets hot in the car. I know, I know. Studies have shown that it’s still safe. That PET plastics don’t cause cancer. Well, we’ve also been told BPA was fine and just recently it was banned from the baby bottles and sippy cups. Seriously? Who wants to put dangerous junk in their bodies? Not this momma. Now, to get back on task, we use that water to water our flowers. But not to iron. I don’t iron. I don’t think I’m physically able to do it. We also take water bottles left at other events and use them. I have a collection. Now, granted, I don’t have 20,000 bottles lying around my house. There are often times I use the water wherever I am (at church, a friend’s house, etc) to water THEIR flowers. I need some other uses though. I’ m running out of flowers.

When J.R. and I went to Ikea last weekend, I knew I wanted to get a recycling bin. I had my heart set on this cute one that separates all the different types of recyclable items. I was determined to buy it and put it to use. I walked through the entire store and never saw it, even in the warehouse. What’s up with that? I asked a lady that worked there and she tried to sell me another bin that I wasn’t buying. It was flimsy. And ugly. And more than $10. No.Thank.You. So, I whined and carried on as we finished going through Ikea and went with high hopes to find some furniture in the “as is” section. We walked through and the first thing we saw was recycling bins. There were a ton of them! Normally $20, I got mine for…drum roll…$4.99! Now, I know I’ve lost my mind because I only got one. I got home and realized my mistake. Oh well. This will be a good start and as Emma gets old she’ll be able to reach it and it not fall on top of her. It’s a good starter bin. What’s in it you may ask? Anything and everything we can recycle in the town of Abingdon. I was even kind enough to have this link for you to check it out yourselves. There are different guidelines to follow based on where you live. I wish we lived somewhere where they took everything, but this works for now.

The next issue was finding out where we were going to drop it off. I looked into getting a bin to put with our trash can that Waste Management comes to get. I was fine with doing it if it was the only option. I hate to spend money though when I don’t need to. Or want to. It’s a disease I think. As I looked into it, I realized there were several places that were drop offs in Abingdon. The only place I knew was the dump outside of town. I’m not a big fan of going to the dump. I’ve gone with J.R. a few times but always stay in the car. Yuck. Anyways, we will definitely be taking the town up on this offer and bringing our items to the drop off locations whenever our bin is full. We get to start recycling and it only cost us $4.99 to get started. Woohoo!

Our whole goal in all of this is to teach Emma to be a better steward of this temporary home God has given us on earth. We want her to learn how to be thankful for what she has and how to keep this world clean for her and her future children. I really believe that our generation will be one to promote this change and pray hers will continue with the movement. Now you may ask what Emma thinks about this right now. Nothing at all. I know she doesn’t comprehend it and that’s ok with me because she will learn. If it’s something that has always been, it will come naturally to her in the future. At the time, she is consumed with her friend, Mr. Fox. She got him while we were at Ikea. Maybe one day we’ll use him to help her learn how to recycle. Until then, mommy and daddy will pave the way.

What are you doing to help the environment? Any suggestions on recycling for newbies like us?


2 Responses to “Go Green”

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