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Happy Birthday, J.R.! August 20, 2012

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Today is my wonderful husband’s 33rd birthday! Wow, how time flies! We started dating when he was at the young age of 25 and I was just a baby at 19. We have been together for over 8 years which I know is a short time for some of you, but for us it’s a mile marker every year. I am proud that my husband and I have made it this far but know it’s to GOD be the glory for it. We’re both imperfect people that are blessed to have a loving God that has taught us to see through all the imperfections.

Today I wanted to share with you a little about my husband and who he is for those of you who have not been blessed enough to know him. I have come up with an acrostic with his name, since JR is always so much fun. It would only be appropriate to honor him in a similar way. So here’s a day of embracing everything…JR.

Just a kid. He is seriously a kid at heart. I love it. It makes life so much fun and doesn’t feel like we’re growing up, more like we’re growing younger.

Embraces everything family. JR is a family man. Now, he works his job and works hard, but he always loves him family and remembers to keep us first. I don’t give him enough credit for this. There are times when the job needs to be done, but he keeps his boundaries.

Rarely gets angry. JR is seriously the most laid back person I know, other than Emma. It takes a lot to really get him upset and it makes life easier for both of us. I’m not so easy to deal with sometimes.

Remembers important dates. I have never had to remind JR about my birthday or our anniversary. He remembers them and well. He always plans for these things in advance and gets me the most rocking gifts ever. For my first mother’s day, while Emma was in vitro, he got me a beautiful necklace from Tiffany’s. I wear it every day. He racked up points for sure!

Yummy cook. JR fixes meals regularly and they are GOOD meals. I love it when JR cooks. It’s like Christmas morning at the Linkous house whenever he plans the meal. My favorites are, in no particular order, his orange peel chicken, whole-wheat pancakes, and chewy charlies. Now let me tell you, I know these have multiple names but I call them whatever the maker calls them. So for JR, they are chewy charlies.

Really funny. JR is HILARIOUS. He can make an awful moment a little more enjoyable by his light hearted fun side. On a good day he makes it even better by just being him. We love to laugh and he knows how to make it happen.

Always says “I love you”. JR doesn’t let a day go by that he doesn’t tell me he loves me. He usually doesn’t let a moment of time that he sees me go by without saying it. Every night before bed and every morning before leaving for work is a necessity. He does it without being reminded and it means so much to me.

Yearns for a deeper relationship with God. I love this about JR. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he really loves God and wants to grow with him daily. He wants Emma to learn about him, too, and how to have a relationship with him. He prays for her. He prays for us. I love that he loves God.

Loves with all his heart. He loves God first and us second. And he loves us ALL with every fiber of his being. It’s amazing to have this kind of love and I’m so blessed that I found it.

Is supportive of me as mommy. JR has always had my back in whatever I have wanted to do as a mom. When I wanted to breastfeed, he supported that decision. When I wanted to make Emma’s foods, he was all about it. And when I wanted to start my blog, he bought my site the night before I was going to start it as a surprise for me. And has supports me and my dream to blog about our little girl. He even helps me when I get writer’s block and don’t know what to write.

Not your average guy. JR is above and beyond average. He is better than the best. He is the perfect guy for me and who God made for me. He’s a wonderful companion and helpmate. I can’t imagine anyone else or better to spend the rest of my life with and am so grateful that God gave me him.

Kisses me regularly. I know this seems silly, but it goes a long way. I think it’s important that the affection doesn’t stop after your child is born. In all honesty, it should happen even more once your child arrives. Your kid needs to know mommy and daddy love one another.

Often shows his soft side. JR is sensitive and caring. This isn’t to say he cries all the time or anything but he is sensitive towards me when he needs to be. He is also in touch enough with himself as a man that he can watch girly movies with me. I love that.

Using healthy food as a regular part of his life. JR and I are working towards a healthier eating habit and although we still eat out and go crazy sometimes, we try really hard to eat better and make it a part of our daily life. It’s a life choice and one we know we need to make for Emma.

Shares the load. JR has his flaws just like anyone (he is not big on washing dishes or clothes) but he will do just about anything I ask. When it comes to Emma, I don’t even have to ask. He is there 110% with her and shares in the duties all the way.

These are just a few of the many reasons I love JR. He is such a wonderful husband and we wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Love~ Erinn, Emma & Allie


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  1. Happy Birthday, Annie JR!!!

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