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Let Them Eat Cake August 22, 2012

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When we began planning Emma’s first birthday party, I found my dream cake right away. It was possibly the cutest cake I’ve ever seen. I knew it was the cake we would have for her but the only dilemma was how I would serve it for her. I wanted it to be something that matched but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Then I found a post on how to make your own plate and I was sold. Here is how we made the plate for Emma’s first birthday cake. And no, there is no cake on it. Her birthday party hasn’t happened yet so you’ll have to wait until next week to see it’s unveiling!

I started out going to the Dollar Tree and picking out a plain white plate. I found one that was square shaped but with rounded edges. It was porcelain, too, which is ideal for this project. And I only paid $1. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this plate without writing on it. I was too excited to start this project with my markers. I have the largest collection of markers at my house so coming up with some sharpies was easy. Quick confession here. I’m not the craftiest person ever but I want to be. Therefore, I have a craft table that is growing by leaps and bounds. The marker bag has grown from a small Ziploc bag to a HUGE one. Oh well, at least we never run out of colors to choose from at the Linkous house!

I began by picking out the colors I wanted to use. Our sock monkey colors consist of red, blue, and brown. As you can imagine, I had all three of these colors so I pulled them out of hiding. I then pulled out the plate and began to write the number “1”. It wasn’t enough to just trace it, I needed to add dots with my other marker colors. Beautiful!

The next part was more tedious. I decided it would look best if I colored in the number with the brown marker and I think I was right. It makes the other colors pop more and makes the plate not so plain Jane. Adding the color brought life to the plate and made it stand out more than it did before. I was watching my creation come to life and loving every bit of it!

The next few steps were just basic decorating. I decided that I wanted to make it more personal by writing her name on it. We decided to announce her age on this plate and switched colors out for every letter. Let me tell you, this was more time consuming than I thought it would be. I was a nervous wreck that I would mess it up so I went a lot slower than I would have for something I was making for me. Granted, if I had messed it up it was only $1 but it was $1 I didn’t want to have to spend again. Lastly, I took the extra space on the plate to put a few more decorative bubbles in different colors. It brought it all together and I loved the way it looked. It matched the sock monkey colors perfectly and make it more special for Emma. It wasn’t just any plate, it was Emma’s plate.

The last thing we did was seal the markers on the plate. If we just left it like it was, it would easily transfer onto food and be washed off with a couple rinses in soap and water. I didn’t want her memories going down the drain or in her belly so I decided to bake it. I went back to my source for the best way to do it. I put it in the oven on 150 degrees for 30 minutes. I decided to let it warm with the oven and cool down with it, too. I was too afraid it would break. No one wants broken porcelain in their oven. It turned out beautiful and will look great with her birthday cake and will be a perfect display on my shelves after the party is over. What a special memory to keep!

I love this idea. I plan on making a plate for Emma each year based on the theme of her birthday. It will be sweet to display as she grows and build a bigger and bigger collection. And you can’t beat the cost! I will only pay $18 to do it through her 18th birthday. Crazy! This will definitely be a wonderful way to make memories but do it affordably.

What ideas do you have when it comes to making things for your child’s birthday?


3 Responses to “Let Them Eat Cake”

  1. Carly Repass Says:

    Well, now I wish I had thought of this for Ainsley’s first birthday. I guess I can do one now so she doesn’t have 17! Another thing my sister is doing for her is sewing her name on a different stocking every year and we are going to eventually hang them up in the shape of a Christmas tree. Just in case you want to try your hand at that!

  2. […] day! She was able to wear and use the things I made for her last week- her tutu, her shirt, and her plate. It was precious to see these things put to use and although it cost me time, it meant so much more […]

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