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Happy Birthday, Emma Grayce! August 24, 2012

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Today is the big day! Our sweet Emma Grayce turns ONE! There will never be another birthday like it, but we know there will be many more years to come and they’ll just keep getting better and better. We love our sweet little girl more than words can say.

We are taking the day off at Embracing Everything Emma to enjoy our day with her, but wanted to share with you a glimpse of the months spent with Emma and how she has grown.

Join us Monday as we dive into another week at Embracing Everything Emma!

Emma- 1 Month Old

Emma- 2 Months Old

Emma- 3 Months Old

Emma- 4 Months Old

Emma- 5 Months Old

Emma- 6 Months Old

Emma- 7 Months Old

Emma- 8 Months Old

Emma- 9 Months Old

Emma- 10 Months Old

Emma- 11 Months Old


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Emma Grayce!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Emma! You are a ray of sunshine! 🙂

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