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Over the Rainbowtique- Take Two August 28, 2012

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Last month, I was so blessed to work alongside Over the Rainbowtique. For those of you who weren’t with us then, you can check it out here. I love finding a store that I can fall in love with and be able to afford their products. It’s not every day you find that kind of combination, but with Over the Rainbowtique, you do!

I was very excited to receive my second order from Noel, owner and founder of Over the Rainbowtique. It was like Christmas morning when the package arrived! I talked to Noel about Emma and how she’s our little monkey and how much I would love to have hairbows that had monkeys on them for this reason. In a matter of days, Noel had 3-4 bows for me to choose from in her inventory. How awesome! Most places would have to have more than one person recommend something before they would do it and most places probably wouldn’t even listen to just one customer. But Noel did. I fell in love with all of the bows, but mainly fell hard for these this specific one. My absolute favorite was pairing this green monkey bow with her animal print Gymboree dress that my friend, Bethaney, got her when she was born. The combination of the two looks so safari style and is perfect with the monkey theme.

We got another bow that has monkeys on it but with some lighter colors. I matched it with this Children’s Place set that I’m pretty sure came straight out of the 1970s. I’m in love. One of our dear friends let us borrow this set and it’s up there as on of my favorites. It reminds me on an outfit I had when I was little and wore one time when we went to Hilton Head Island on vacation. My parents had good style apparently. Emma is getting ready to rock this outfit, too. She’s still a small little girl so it’s taking her a little longer to fit into these outfits. I’m pretty sure I’d rather her be petite so you’ll hear no complaints from me, that’s for sure.

Another piece we got was this retro pink bow. I love how it looks like something my momma would have worn. Too cute! She got this little Ralph Lauren set as a gift and it looks retro, too. The white leggings bring it up to date and the entire combination is perfect. When I bought this bow, I had NO IDEA what she was going to wear it with but I loved it enough that I just knew I had to have it. When we pulled out Emma’s next stage of clothing I saw this and knew it was a win. Thanks Noel!

We also got this brightly colored bow. It has a TON of bright and vibrant colors in it, which matches a ton of Emma’s outfits. We’ve put it with a few of her birthday sets as well as a few play outfits to spice them up. I think my favorite will be this new pink bubble skirt she got for her birthday. I seriously cannot wait to pair the two together. The great thing about this set is you can pair it with just about any other color since the bow has so many colors mixed into it. It would even look fine and even pop a little more with a color as simple as white. I love it when I can take a simple outfit that’s cute and spice it up with a little extra piece.

The last thing I got was this bow holder. It’s got a mix of animal prints in it, which matches Emma’s safari themed room. She even loves this item. There’s something intriguing about it hanging from her closet door that makes her just gravitate towards it. She goes nuts over it. We try to keep her eyes off of it as best we can. This is something that’s more for me than for her. It helps hold her bows from Over the Rainbowtique. As you can see, it’s getting very full and before long, we will need to invest in another one. Whatever will we do?

Noel has once again offered a great deal for all the readers here at Embracing Everything Emma! If you visit her website starting today, going through next Thursday, September 6th, you will receive 20% off your order! You can order one piece or twenty and the offer will apply. Thanks Noel! The code to make this order happen is bowsale20. Have I mentioned how much we love these hairbows at our house? But sure to check out our Disney vacation in the next month for posts of all these bows appearing there. We can’t wait to dress her up and use these bows to coordinate her outfits.

What bow or piece from Over the Rainbowtique is your favorite?


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