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Meet Ju Ju Be! August 29, 2012

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Meet Ju Ju Be. She’s the newest addition to our family. I’m sure I sound a little crazy and a little like a proud parent, but once you hear how hard we worked to get her, maybe you’ll appreciate her a little more.We sure do!

About a month ago, I did a post on Emma’s diaper bag. Or should I call it my diaper bag? It’s only hers based on what’s in it. I’m the one who ends up doing all the grunt work of carrying it, not to mention I paid for it. My diaper bag or Emma’s diaper bag. It’s still the same thing. Anyways, during that post I talked about the bag we were currently using and how we’ve outgrown it. It’s quickly become too big for us and has more space than we need. We started filling it with unnecessary things simply because there was room. I might have broken my back once or twice trying to carry it around like that. I was fit to be tied and before writing that last post, I began searching for a new bag.

As I’m sure some of you can imagine, our diaper bag search SHOULD have went like this: search for a diaper bag, buy the diaper bag, bring it home, fill it up, good to go. What happened at the Linkous house: search for a diaper bag, find something wrong with the bag, search for a diaper bag, find something wrong with the bag, repeat 20 times. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I would find one that I was certain was “the one” and then it was either too small, had bad reviews, or just didn’t work with what we were going for so I held off. When I want something REALLY bad, I take my time. I’m pretty sure this diaper bag search took at least two months.

One day I was browsing around and stumbled upon someone talking about a brand called Ju Ju Be. The name intrigued me right off the bat. All she had to say was positive AND she had more than one. I thought it was worth checking out so I jumped online and searched right away. Wowza! Have you SEEN the prices of those bags? For this cheap mom’s budget, it was simply out of the question. I couldn’t talk myself into it as much as I tried. I was bound and determined, however, that I would eventually get a Ju Ju Be bag so I began to watch for them regularly. I would check BabySteals daily and hoped that Wee Cycle It would have some in the fall sale. Then one day, almost by accident, I stumbled upon them on Amazon. Not only did I stumble upon the bag, but the bag for ½ price! I was on cloud nine. I showed it to JR immediately and he was supportive of whatever I wanted. He knew long ago that there are certain battles not worth picking so I’m not sure if he really loved the bag or not, all he knew was I did so he went with it. Have I ever said how much I love JR? Because I do! The bag I ended up picking was the Ju Ju Be “Be Hip” bag. I liked this bag because:

#1- It comes with GREAT reviews, not only online but real life people I know.

#2- It was smaller than most bags which was our whole goal for switching bags.

#3- It’s machine washable. Come on now, who doesn’t love a machine washable bag?

#4- It has a hole for crumbies! And believe it or not, I came up with that word on my own. JR convinced me I got it from the demonstration video but guess what? They said crumbs. Crumbies is my word alone.

#5- It has a shoulder strap that makes it a crossbody bag. I love crossbody bags. When you’re carrying a baby, a pump bag, a purse, and a food bag, there’s little room to carry a diaper bag, too. My favorite thing to do with it is to dump my phone and wallet in there and carry Emma. It gives me the option to carry her without readjusting any straps. This is my main reason for loving this bag so much!

I have had (3) diaper bags so far and don’t plan on ever getting another one. This bag is a keeper. I have fallen in love and made a vow to keep this bag FOREVER. Don’t you love it when you find a win like that? It holds almost as much as her bag did before, minus some of the junk we were carrying around “just because”. I was honestly surprised when I first got it. It was small, just like I thought, but I couldn’t envision making everything fit. I pulled it all out of the other bag, laid out what we were keeping it in and what were getting rid of, which wasn’t too much. I started putting it in the bag and with all the little spaces here and there, it fit and fit well. I love how a bag can make things look smaller and fit the same stuff in them.

Ju Ju Be is definitely a positive name around the Linkous house and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants/needs a diaper bag. If you want to come check mine out, feel free to do so. I love to show it off, even to my friends that aren’t parents. They might be one day and I would hate to think they spend a lot of time and money getting the wrong bags when they could get the right one, right away.

Here is a link to the videos of all the bags they have, including the Ju Ju Be “Be Hip”. Check it out and see what you think. There are a TON of other bags and accessories so take time to browse around and see what else is offered.

What kind of bag do you have for your baby? What has been your favorite?


3 Responses to “Meet Ju Ju Be!”

  1. Lori Says:

    Love love love my ju ju be so thank you for recommending it to me! I know a few great places to find really good deals on ju ju be if you are ever interested in something to go with your current bag 🙂 I love my bag so much! Ju ju be really is awesome!

  2. […] changed diaper bags. We bought our JuJuBe diaper about two months before our trip, which was probably the smartest move ever. Having a diaper […]

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