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Our State Fair September 3, 2012

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Our state fair is a great state fair, don’t miss it, don’t even be late! When I was in high school, we did a production of “State Fair” and I loved it. I imagine that all fairs should be that way, even though as times have changed, they aren’t quite like they use to be. Times change and like all other things, fairs change with it. I hadn’t been to the Appalachian Fair since the mid nineties when my dad and grandparents took us to see Tim McGraw. When we were offered tickets to go and see Tenth Avenue North, we couldn’t say no. First off, we never turn down free. Second, what a fun thing to do with Emma!

We loaded up after work and headed down to the fair. We knew the Gray exit but weren’t exactly sure where to go from there. Luckily, the people of Gray really have their signs out well and we had no problems finding where we were going. We pulled into a local church parking lot where the youth were raising funds. We figured out of all the places we had seen, this is what we wanted our $4 to go towards. We parked the car and prepared to go in the fairgrounds. JR decided to change Emma’s diaper before entering, which was a genius idea as there are no changing tables in the grounds, and that’s when I realized I only had (2) diapers. This is where it comes in handy to pack a spare diaper bag for the car. I luckily had plenty more diapers and wipes to use if we needed them. Now I just need to remember to refill the back up bag! Anyways, after we finished all of this we shoved everything in her diaper bag, put Emma in her stroller, and picked up our FREE bottle of water from the church. How sweet of them! They were out working hard and offering free water to anyone who came by the church. And belief you me, it was a HOT day and water was a very good thing.

When we entered into the park, I couldn’t decide what to think. There were twenty cheap-o rides while the fair workers played LMFAO and Nickelback. Seriously? I was pretty sure this was NOT the type of music I expected, or wanted, to hear at the fair. I came expecting a good ole country style fair and the background music was definitely a let down. At the same time, you have to keep with the times and the majority of the people in this section, spending money, were those who listened to this kind of music. Oh well. I decided to pout anyways. I really wanted to listen to old school country like Tim McGraw, John Michael Montgomery, Brooks & Dunn, and more. I tried to build a bridge and get over it but I’m still working on that one. What made the fair really take off in my mind was all the FUN people were having. There was an excitement in the air that couldn’t be described. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the music or necessarily the rides- just good country people having a good time. Have I mentioned how much I love living in the south? It seems like everyone is even more friendly at a place like a fair, it’s like homecoming. As we strolled around we saw every type of food we could imagine but stood our ground and didn’t eat any. We’re trying to watch our food intake and Chickfila was calling our names. If we were going to break for anything, it was that.

We met up with our friends, Steven and Tabitha, and got a special treat of getting to the meet the band back stage. They were the real deal. As soon as we came up and said hello they greeted us with a handshake and an introduction, then they wanted to know who the cute little girl was that we had with us. How sweet is that? It made it extra special in my eyes that we didn’t even have to introduce her, they asked us first. Unfortunately, she was not very intrigued by them. Her focus remained on the Chickfila cow she had met a few minutes beforehand. She seriously couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. She made a big fuss over him but when it came time to meet him she was extremely shy. She held tight to daddy and said a quick hello. The only way she would pet him was if daddy pet him, too. Rotten girl.

Before the concert began, we were able to grab a quick meal at the Chickfila booth they had. And let me tell you- it doesn’t matter what they stand for, their chicken is GOOD. We love it and Emma loves it and that’s reason enough for me to eat it.  We ate up our food quick, got our free refill, and made our way into the concert area. Scratch that. Before any of this actually took place, JR got us all to go register for free tickets to Splash Country. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll be getting a call soon but we’ll see. If it’s like JR’s luck, we’ll get the tickets. If we have my luck, we don’t stand a chance. Hopefully Emma will lean more towards her daddy’s side.**Special note: we are enjoying TODAY at Splash Country- FREE tickets! Thanks WXBQ!**

Emma loved the concert. I was worried when the music started that she might fuss and cry. We had already spotted open seats in the back that we could take if need be. When the music began, much to our disbelief, Emma began smiling and dancing along. Apparently, it was right up her alley and she was going to take part in all the fun for the night. When people in the audience clapped she joined right in with them. She even checked out the sign her daddy made for this specific concert. We were so proud of him! And even more, this little girl wasn’t going to miss out on her night of fun. As the night went on and she continued to wear down, she refused to sleep. She stuck it out and worked hard to stay awake. After the concert ended, we left quick, changed her diaper, and buckled her up to go home. Within five minutes she was out like a light and didn’t wake up until the next morning. She fought the good fight.

This was our experience at the Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tennessee. We had a blast and were able to spend time with great friends and our wonderful daughter. What a great way to spend our evening as summer draws to an end. Thanks to Steven and Tabitha for helping us have such a wonderful night! We will be sure to fit a trip to Gray in next year when the fair comes to town.

Have you ever bene to a fair with your kids? Where did you go and what did you think about it?


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