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Welcome Andy! September 5, 2012

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Mommy and Baby

Last Sunday morning I received a text from my dear friend, Stacy, which said to call when I had time. It caught me off guard. Stacy doesn’t normally text me during church or ask me to call. She usually just calls. So the wheels started turning and I began considering the possibility of the Bean coming early. Surely not. It wasn’t time for Jamey’s wedding or Wee Cycle It! I tried to put it in the back of my mind and not get too worked up until I heard everything straight from Stacy’s mouth.

I went about my day at work (I work at a church so technically Sunday is a work day) and kept thinking about Stacy and how likely it would be that I could slip out and make a phone call. Would anyone notice I was gone? What if I told someone it was an emergency? I seriously had to fight with everything in me to not leave and make that call. I just couldn’t wait to hear the news she had to share with me. Was she in labor? Had she had Andy? Was there a new recipe I needed to try? Did she need a shopping buddy for the new Goodwill? It could be ANYTHING. As the day drew to a close, I had one thing on my mind. Mr. or Mrs. Bean Myers.

When I arrived home, Emma took my attention away with a few things she needed. You know, basic baby stuff. Food. Attention. A diaper change. And then a nap. Finally freedom had arrived and I could call! As the phone rang I twiddled my thumbs wondering how this call would be. Thankfully Stacy picked up. I would have lost my mind if she hadn’t! We had a quick, “hi” and then I drove it home- “You asked me to call. What’s going on?” That’s when I heard the sweetest news ever. One of the most amazing things you can hear from a friend and my heart jumped for joy for their growing family. Baby bean, Andrew James Myers, arrived in the early hours on Sunday, August 26th.

With all my excitement I will admit I was a little disappointed. Why did I have to be SICK the weekend Andy arrived? That would be my luck of course. Sick when I wanted to cuddle with the Myers’ new bundle of joy. Looking back now, I’m grateful. Can you believe it? Yes, I am grateful because it gave Barry, Stacy, Annie, and Andy an extra week to adapt and grow with one another while having time off from one other visitor. Having a baby is hard. When you have another, despite the blessing it is, I’m sure it is also an adjustment. All families need a little adjustment time before visitors. We didn’t tell many people we were having Emma until after she was already born.

Annie & Andy

I was finally well enough to go see sweet little Andy this past weekend. I was on cloud nine! At one week old, he was just as precious as I imagined he would be. He was so tiny and cuddly, tinier than Emma ever was. Actually, that’s not even true. He was a good pound heavier than Emma but I guess I don’t remember her being so small. I would like to say I took pictures but I didn’t. I focused so much on holding and loving on him and visiting with my dear friends that pictures were the last thing on my mind. I borrowed these from Stacy. She’s got plenty to spare! I stayed and visited for what seemed like hours of cuddling but was really just about forty-five minutes. It was longer than I intended but believe me, he’s a hard baby to give up! Barry and Stacy did an amazing job, as usual, with this one. Annie was prancing around like the proud big sister I knew she would be, all the while showing me her toys and anything she could find. I love her spirit. Seriously, those are two great kids and I’m proud to know them and have Emma grow up with them.

While I was there I was blessed to drop off dinner for their family (never go visit a new family without bearing some sort of gift- preferably FOOD) and see what a co-sleeper looks like. I can’t wait for baby number two now. The dream of co-sleeping is one I have and now that I see it in action, I will definitely be going this route. Woohoo for nights of sleep and not getting up every two minutes. And don’t knock it til you try it. This doesn’t mean the baby is constantly snuggled up in the bed beside you. It’s basically a pack and play that straps to the bed. Simple as that. Bring food, see the baby, visit with friends, and check out the co-sleeper. That’s what I did.

Andrew James

Future Hokie!

In all seriousness, however, please take time to welcome baby Andrew James into the world. Having a baby is the closest thing to recognizing the love Jesus Christ has for each one of us. There is nothing we have done to deserve the love He has for us yet He loves us unconditionally. I saw this love on Stacy’s face as she held little Andy as I walked into the room. She was a glowing mommy. A tired mommy but glowing none the less. Mommyhood looks good on her and she carries it well. I’m pretty sure at that point I looked like death. Stacy looked like someone who had done it for years. Barry is such a proud and wonderful dad. He’s a team player. He’s a dad who walks alongside Stacy and I love watching him care for her. It’s once again such a great model of how Christ loves us. It’s also a great model for Annie and Andy to have parents who love God, one another, and them in such a huge way. The Linkous family is so blessed by the friendship and love we share with the Myers family and we join them in welcoming their very special addition into their family—

Happy Birthday, Andrew James Myers!


7 Responses to “Welcome Andy!”

  1. You are so sweet! I’m blessed to have you, friend. 🙂

  2. rachel Says:

    Congrats to a wonderful family. He is precious! Happy birthday Andrew!

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