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It’s Here! It’s Here! September 6, 2012

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There’s a special time of year I look forward to. It’s a time of year when the gifts are overflowing and anything is possible. Anything you dream can happen. What time of year am I talking about you wonder? Wee Cycle It, of course!

In honor of the start of Wee Cycle It’s fall sale, I wanted to share a little bit with you about how to cosign, both shopping AND selling. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for the dates and times of the sale this week.

How to Cosign:

Let’s start with my favorite part. How to cosign! It’s simple, really. You can start out by going to Wee Cycle It’s website and reading over the information. Make sure that you are really interested in cosigning and know how it works BEFORE you sign up. At this time, sign up is CLOSED due to the fact that a sale is going on and it won’t be open again until the spring sale period, however, you can go ahead and get yourself on their mailing list that way you don’t miss it! You can also visit their Facebook page to follow the updates there. I love getting emails from Alicia, the lady who heads up Wee Cycle It. I never have any doubts about what I’m suppose to do or what’s about to happen. She’s good like that. Alright, once you sign up to cosign you will have to REGISTER for each sale. You cannot sale items until you register. Make sense? This way you’re not always signed up for each sale. Need to visit Aunt Sue? That’s alright, you didn’t register! It’s very easy to do. Once you see that registration is open, just hop online and sign in to cosign as well as a time to drop off your items. This is important. You have to drop off your items to sale them and there is a specific time. If you’re going to have BIG items (ie: furniture, strollers, etc), you’ll need to drop off on the first available day, which normally falls on a Sunday. The times go QUICK so be sure to register QUICK.

The great thing from here is that the website gives you great advice on how to do everything else. There is a section that tells you what they will accept and what things you have to have verification forms to sell (car seats, pack-n-plays, and cribs) and another section that teaches you how to tag. Tagging is awesome now. The first time I did Wee Cycle It I about lost my mind but they have upgraded baby! Now you just enter your items, print and tag. Keep in mind that there is a certain date that you have to finish tagging. That will be announced when you sign up to cosign so don’t forget! During the time between signing up and dropping off, go around your house and pick out what you want to sell. Or need to sell. I keep a running supply in my downstairs closet that we don’t use. Find something Emma doesn’t like? Something I don’t like? Put it in the closet. Unable to return something? Put it in the closet. I have $400 worth of stuff to sell this time based on that alone. If you’re running around like a mad woman the night tagging has to be finished you will certainly forget 20+ things. I still forgot 1 thing but that’s not too bad. It will be in the spring sale now! Once you finish all your tagging entries, print them off. This part is easy, too. Print, cut, then tag your items. There is a certain way to tag different items so be sure to read up on it and how to do it. You don’t want to be known as the person who didn’t tag right. Also, you can buy your safety pins in mass quantities for dirt cheap at the dollar tree. Don’t wait until Wee Cycle It to buy them, though, because everyone else and their mother do that, too. Once you have everything finished, you can bag it up and wait for drop off. On that day, they make it so easy. Allow yourself 30 minutes for them to look at your stuff and approve it to sell. You get to sit and twiddle your thumbs while they do all the work. If you have something that is a reject don’t have your feelings hurt. It happens to EVERYONE. Just donate your stuff or take it back home. Build a bridge is what I say. Be sure when you sign in that you get your shopping pass, friend pass, and pick up pass. Bless a friend or your momma with the free pass. They will love you forever. After the sale has ended there will be a pick up date and time (usually the Tuesday afterwards from 1-6pm). YOU have to come pick up your items and your check for the money you made with your pick up pass. Do not forget your pass and do not send your husband or your momma. YOU. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. It’s payday! If you send your hubby or your momma your check will be mailed to you. And I don’t want to wait 20 years for the mailman to deliver my money. Oh, and one last thing- when you have items that don’t sell they go into an “inactive” section. You are able to make them “active” for each new sale if you want to try and sell them again. Awesome! You can also delete them if you decide to get rid of them or know they were reject items.

These are the basics on how to cosign. If you want any more details, visit their website or see Stacy’s post on it. She’s great at this stuff.

How to Shop:

My Wee Cycle It Loot~           Fall 2012


Britax Boulevard~ Emily

My Wee Cycle It Loot~        Spring 2012

This one here is the hardest one for me. Believe it or not, I have trouble saying “no”. I walk into the room full of discounted and greatly priced toys, clothes, etc, and I got NUTS. 20 pairs of shoes? Sure, why not! Seriously, it’s a habit I’ve got to break. The way I’ve been able to handle it is by creating a list. I have set a list and worked with it well. We went to Wee Cycle It yesterday and I was able to put it under my notes on my phone and carry that around with me. Talk about a win! I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on my list. I also bring my husband to help me. He does a great job. He is able to price compare for me and make sure we’re getting the best deal possible. When I found this Britax carseat I had him go check the price on amazon. It costs about $250 there but we were able to get it for $100. I scooped it up and decided this would be the seat for Emma. I was very excited to think that we now had about $600 worth of Britax carseats at our house that cost us $125. What a deal! I also make sure to look over everything before I purchase it. They usually have an empty part of the hallway, out of people’s way, that I pull out my stuff and check it for stains and anything I don’t like. I make piles of no items, maybe items, and definitely yes items. I add up the price to make sure I’m within budget. There’s no way I’m going up front with $112 worth of items and only $100 in my pocket. That’s a toughy. Who wants to decide at that point to put something back? I bring cash, too, so I’m not tempted to spend more. Writing a check gives you the ability to go over budget. DON’T GO OVER BUDGET. Once we’ve made our definitely yes pile and decided on the no items, I put them back where I found them. No one likes someone who just leaves their stuff sitting around. It could be something someone else needs and I’ve basically taken it from them. I would be devastated if I was looking for an etch a sketch and someone left it with the breastfeeding supplies. I would never find it or look for it there. Be kind and RETURN. When you go to check out, try to be ready. If you’re paying cash, know how much you owe and have it in your pocket. If you’re paying with a check, make sure to have your driver’s license number, 2 phone numbers, and physical address on it. Keep your ID out, too. They have to check that. Trust me, you’ll be standing in line for a little while with nothing better to do so be sure to do it then. This will make your checkout ten times faster and easier for the cashier and helper. Remember- the cashier and helper are VOLUNTEERS. They are not professionals so be kind to them, too. They’ve given up time away from their babies, jobs, husbands, and more to make this event happen so if they miscount or go a little slower than the Target checkout lady, be patient. I would appreciate it being one of those slow workers.

The last thing I would throw out there is VOLUNTEER. Be sure to volunteer if you have time. It gives you a great appreciation for all that is happening plus you’re giving back. If you are shopping or cosigning, someone is taking care of you and we should take care of our brothers and sisters! You can sign up for as little or as many slots as you want to work all the while helping others out and also earning the ability to shop earlier at the preview sale. Did I mention that? Yes I did. You get to shop EARLIER the more hours you work. So go crazy! You won’t regret it. You get to shop early, meet great people along the way, and serve others.

I hope this has helped you out and taught you a little about cosignment sales. Hope to see you at Wee Cycle It this week/weekend!

Thursday, September 6th 9-6pm

Friday, September 7th 9-6pm

Saturday, September 8th 9-2pm HALF PRICE ALL DAY


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  1. […] week was that time of year that we love so very much- Wee Cycle It! Since I thrive so much on getting good deals and the best prices on stuff for Emma, this is […]

  2. […] week was that time of year that we love so very much- Wee Cycle It! Since I thrive so much on getting good deals and the best prices on stuff for Emma, this is […]

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