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Traditions September 10, 2012

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I like doing special things for Emma. I like doing things that are unique to us. Something that she can look back on and see as something shared between us as a family. These things are not only traditions but things I will be passing down to Emma and hopefully one day she will pass down to her kids, too.

When I was little I had a highchair. I don’t remember using it but as long as I remember, we have had it at my parent’s house. What I didn’t realize it that was my mom and uncle’s highchair, too. Something else I didn’t realize is that the highchair turns into a desk for when Emma is older. No way! I was looking at a desk at Wee Cycle It this past week and am SO GLAD I didn’t buy it. I already had one and didn’t know it! Something else at Wee Cycle It I overheard was a lady looking for an old wooden highchair. I was so grateful that my mom and dad kept mine. We looked at it several months ago when Emma was still eating in her bumbo seat and realized there were several things that made this highchair “unsafe” according to modern day regulations. When I was little you didn’t need a strap for your child. You also didn’t need a bar in the middle to separate a child’s legs. You know, little things. Those things were seemingly minor, but the big thing was the sliding tray was warped and didn’t stay latched. This made is next to impossible to be used right away. I was bummed out. Dad said he would get on it.

Highchair- Standing

Highchair- Turned into a Desk

Fast forward to this past weekend and imagine my surprise when dad calls and asks if they can drop by. It’s odd for them to call just to stop by at 8 o’clock but we never turn down a visit from Mimi and Papous so we said sure. When my parents came in, dad was carrying Emma’s highchair! I was on cloud nine. We put Emma in it right away. Love at first sight for EVERYONE! She played in it and then they turned it into the desk for her to play in, too. I was so excited. The tray had been fixed, straps had been added, and dad had even put new feet on the bottom of it to keep our hardwood floors from being scratched. Thanks dad! He rocks like that. This highchair has come in handy. We have used it for all of Emma’s meals, including snacks, the past few days. We have used it for playtime while I baked some treats for Allie (to come later!). This highchair rocks. Just like my dad. I’m excited to pass this along to Emma when she has kids. It’s a three generational highchair and will hopefully go to her kids, too. I love how old furniture stays together. It’s so much better than the flimsy stuff we buy nowadays. Things really aren’t made like they use to be. We have several other pieces of furniture that Emma hasn’t been introduced to yet. From a wooden potty chair, to a wooden table and chairs set, to a wooden rocking horse. Have I said how glad I am that my parents kept my stuff? Because I am.

Emma- Big Bird Chair

Another thing I have passed along to Emma is her doctor, Dr. Makres. I’m not sure she’s as excited about this one right now since the only time she sees him is when she’s sick or getting shots. I, however, love it. Dr. Makres is an amazing pediatrician and I trust him with Emma’s life. It’s so important to have a doctor that you can trust. We get that with Dr. Makres. I also like that he’s not a fancy smancy doctor. He’s not going out and buying new furniture or office decor on a regular basis. He makes due with what he’s got. In fact, a lot of the furniture is the same as when I was there twenty plus years ago. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw the big bird chair sitting there, just like it did twenty years ago. I love that. Dr. Makres is an amazing doctor and really cares about his patients. He has called me at all times, both day and night, when I have concerns. And he also isn’t in it for the money. There are things I have asked him as a concerned mommy and he’s given me answers that show me he cares about more than the money. It puts a momma’s heart at ease. And daddy’s, too. We love Dr. Makres and would recommend him to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat.

There are also things as simple as how we play Patty Cake. When I was little there was a certain way I said it. I didn’t realize until a few months ago the REAL version of Patty Cake. I thought about teaching her it and opted for the Erinn version. It seems more fitting and passes down a bit of me as a child. Apparently, I was so excited about getting the cake in the pan that I skipped over a lot of important steps. Oh well. A lot of the other things are just for show anyways and steps that don’t need to be there. Who wants to keep clapping when you can ROLL and THROW? Emma feels the same way so that works for me. It’s fun to watch her excitement and I love my parents watching her, pretty sure they’re seeing a glimpse of their little girl and how she use to be and what she use to do.

These are just a few of the things we are passing down to Emma. There are plenty more that have come and will continue to come as she grows. Our goal as parents is the raise her the best we can and share with her a bit of us, too, along the way. Emma will be her own child and already is. She has her own personality and embraces life more fully than JR and I ever could imagine. I have to say it’s partially due to her name. If we can go ahead and pass some things down about us along the way, what a blessing that will be.
What have you done for child or given your child that has a part of you in it?


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