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Splash Around September 11, 2012

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For Labor Day, we had the very special privilege of going to Splash Country. Thanks WXBQ! We got free tickets when we went to the Appalachian Fair at Gray. Beyond that, it was a great getaway for a weaning momma. I seriously needed the escape and opportunity to focus on anything BUT weaning. This gave us a great opportunity to do so. After a weekend of discomfort and pain I thought, bring on the fun! I decided to do something a little different and fun today and give you a review of what we thought about Splash Country.

The morning we left, it was so rainy and cloudy outside. We considered NOT going but this was the last day Splash Country would be open for the season and since our tickets and my parents tickets would expire before next year, we decided to give it a shot. Worst case scenario? Outlet shopping and a trip to Knoxville. We made the drive and although the weather was hit and miss, when we arrived in Sevierville it was cloudy but no rain. We went into Splash Country and changed and Emma was very timid at first. A nap will do that to her. We decided to take time and walk around the park. Dad and JR went down a few slides and then mom and dad took Emma while we went down some slides, too. By the time we went down one or two, the sun was out bright and we thought Emma might be willing to give the water a chance. We found her chowing down on chicken and fries with mom and dad and she was in heaven. She loves to eat and there in no limit to how much food she can and will eat.

JR took it slow and brought Emma to the kiddy section to walk around for a bit. She smiled and laughed and JR felt it was time. Time for a ride down the kiddy slide. All the other mommies and daddies were taking their kids down so JR felt it was his turn. I thought it could be dangerous. Not so much safety wise but her being scared. Once again, Emma proved to me that she is afraid of NOTHING. She went down the ride about 20 times with JR before going down with Papous, mom, Farris, and Jordan. So much fun! After this, she was ready for fun in the sun in non other than the wave pool! As long as the waves didn’t hit her in the face, she loved it. She would laugh and giggle as we jumped wave after wave and when we went back to the shallow end and played without the life jacket, she loved it even more. She enjoyed playing with the float and sitting with daddy. At this point, she had a super long day and was ready for some sleep. She crawled up on daddy’s lap and fell asleep. It was just precious. Mom and dad took Emma while we went and rode around the lazy river and then we switched. Emma slept on my lap while we waited for mom and dad to get dressed and finally woke up right before we left to get changed and take a family picture. What fun!

My review of Splash Country is superb. There are SO many rides and fun areas for kids of all ages. There were multiple spots for Emma to play and two specific ones where she could actually sit in the water on her own. There was the next level up for toddlers and above where they could play a little more on their own. There were two areas with playgrounds in the water and one even had a HUGE bucket of water that would spill out at a moment’s notice. Emma enjoyed watching that from a distance. Better safe than sorry. The rides went from all ages and we saw many kids and adults riding them. It had a LONG lazy river than I enjoyed thoroughly. Having time to relax was a plus and much needed. Spending time with my husband while going around the lazy river was an extra bonus, too. There were also a TON of places to sit. I can’t imagine not being able to find a place. There were places in the sun, places in the shade, and even places you could pay and have a tv. This one didn’t make sense to me. I guess if someone brought kids and they didn’t like to swim but it seriously seemed like what I wouldn’t want to do at a water park. That’s just me. Even the snacks weren’t priced too badly. You could get a pb & j sandwich for less than $1. Not bad!

As far as price goes, I think it’s a little expensive but when it comes to all the things it offered, it’s not too terribly bad. We were able to get (2) tickets for free and another (2) from groupon that cost the price of (1). It was a great deal for all four of us plus Emma to go for $45. No complaints there! I would recommend it for a great summer mini vacation if you’re trying to save money and want to do something fun without going to the beach.

Have you been to Splash Country? What were your thoughts?


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