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The Red Headed Stepchild September 13, 2012

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Emma & Allie

When a baby enters the world, it’s a wonderful thing. There is so much joy and amazing feelings that enter your heart as new parents that sometimes you forget those left behind along the way. All of a sudden the baby of the family has to adjust. She wasn’t consulted about this new addition to the family. She didn’t agree to have a baby. She didn’t know a baby was even coming home. This post is intended for the red headed step child, the pet left behind along the way. We are trying to make time for Allie more regularly. Time that is valuable to her and shows her we love her. One of her favorite things is to have treats baked for her so I took time the other night to cook just for her and decided to share with you how.

We love to go to Asheville and visit there on a pretty regularly basis. Our of our favorite stores is the Three Dog Bakery. We haven’t brought Allie yet but always bring her a gift back, even if it’s just a small treat. One of the first times we went I decided I could make those fancy treats for Allie, too, and bought the cookbook they sell in the store. I absolutely love it. I have made so many things from it that I’ve lost cost. Allie has loved all of it and we haven’t found a dud yet. One of my favorite things to make is Simple Simon’s Birthday Bones. They are seriously simple. I’m going to go step by step for you and then include the recipe at the bottom.

Dog Treat Ingredients

Three Dog Bakery Cookbook

I start by pulling out all the ingredients- flour, peanut butter, milk and baking powder. Four things is it. I love ingredients that are few. Once I’ve got them out I always do a quick scan on the recipe to make sure I didn’t mess up with any ingredients or instructions. I hate to make something wrong and have to start over.

The first thing I do is mix together the flour and baking powder. Dry ingredients mix well by themselves. The next step in the recipe is to mix the peanut butter and milk in another bowl. No way I say. I can’t stand to make two bowls dirty when I don’t have to. I went ahead and added the milk and peanut butter to the dry ingredients and after I get it going and it started to form, I used my hands. To me it’s fun to kneed it and play around with it. It’s like play dough for grown-ups. I was skeptical about Emma helping me on this one since peanut butter was involved so I let her hang out in her awesome highchair and eat peas. She loves her highchair and her peas so she didn’t mind.

After it’s well mixed, you can spread it out on your table, on some wax paper, on a cookie sheet, or on your cutting board like I do. I did it piece by piece. We bought Allie some dog bone cookie cutters that I used to make these treats. I made them in medium and small sizes and it went really quick. For the leftover pieces, I just rolled them into balls so they wouldn’t go to waste. Who wants to waste something so easy? We also have cookie cutters I got from Pampered Chef one time for free that I use for holidays. Call me a sap, but sometimes I want Allie to feel just an important as she was BEFORE Emma came into the picture.

After I cut everything out, these go on a baking sheet and cook for 20 minutes at 375 degrees. When they come out, they’re nice and brown and smell delicious. Do not try the treats. I repeat, DO NOT try them. They may smell good but they taste like dog food. That’s why it’s a dog recipe. This is what I’ve heard. When you serve these to your dog, however, he or she will go NUTS. Allie begged and begged for seconds. And you know what? I gave them to her. She’s had a rough year and has toughed it out. She deserves an extra treat every now and then. And a homemade one at that. We love Allie and want to make sure she knows, even in the little things we do.

How do you/did you show your pet extra attention when your little one was born?


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