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Swimmy Swim Swim September 26, 2012

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Emma & Daddy Swimming

At the Linkous house, we have certain standards for Emma. This doesn’t stop when it comes to clothing and in particular, swimwear. Nothing drives me more crazy than going somewhere and seeing someone walking around in nothing short of sexy, skimpy lingerie that’s been given the name of a “bathing suit”. Seriously? I don’t care what you call it- bathing suit, bikini, swimwear- it’s LINGERIE. Lingerie is ok in a certain time and place- with your spouse. That’s it. Well, now that I’m off my soap box, I’ll explain how we do swimwear for Emma including modesty and more…

Emma’s first time at the pool

*We currently do two pieces. I’ve heard arguments that go both ways on this one. To wear or not to wear? That is the question. At this time in Emma’s life we have decided that we are ok with two pieces. The ones that we have picked cover her. They are bands all the way around the top and the bottoms are full, too. No strings involved and no triangle cut tops. Seriously? I was watching the Today Show the other day and saw a string bikini for infants. Who does that? Not these parents. At this time we’ve decided two pieces are ok but we may change. It’s a hard thought of seeing my teenage daughter in a two piece once she’s hit puberty. We will cross that bridge when we get there but for now we say “yay”.

Emma & Farris

*We do the right fit. I can’t stand seeing a bathing suit that is so extremely tight that every bulge is visible, on adults and babies alike. It just looks like it hurts. Who wants their child being pinched and pulled while they’re trying to enjoy some time at the pool? What I also can’t stand to see is a bathing suits falling off.  When it’s adults it’s just disgusting. I came to swim, not see you in the buff. When it’s kids, it falls on the parents. It’s our job to fit our child right. When we went to Splash Country a few weeks ago, I brought a pair of bottoms that were the right size for Emma but they didn’t fit. They slid all over the place. Luckily I brought two bottoms for her. Shew, mommy to the rescue!

*We cover up. Here lately with Emma’s two pieces we have been wearing the bottoms along with a quick dry, UVA protection top. I got both of mine second hand and love them. One was meant for boys but whose gonna know? Well, now you do but you wouldn’t have if I hadn’t told you. The other is definitely girly and she wears it more. I didn’t pay more than $1 for either one and I have my fingers crossed for next year. I also like these because it’s gives the simplicity of a two piece but covers her up like a one piece. I can’t stand ripping an entire one piece off to change a diaper. I’d rather quit swimming that have to put that sucker back on her.

Swimming in Savannah

*We do comfort. We have a swimsuit from Gymboree that I love on Emma. She wore it a lot on our vacation to Savannah this summer. It’s so stinkin’ cute. I got such a great deal on it, too. I knew she had outgrown the size but I brought it on vacation just in case. Well, just in case never happened. I tried it on her and it was so small that she was uncomfortable. I wasn’t about to force that on her. This doesn’t just go for sizes. There are some swim pieces that have decoration or embellishment on them that cause your kid to squirm. This isn’t a fashion contest. If your child is uncomfortable, don’t make them swim in it. It will be bad for them. It will be bad for you. Trust me on this one. This experience is suppose to be fun, not a fight.

Borrowed Swimsuit

Clearance Swimsuit

*We do cheap. Emma has cute swimwear and I didn’t spend an arm and a leg to get it. We’ve paid for some at stores on clearance. We’ve bought others at second hand stores (Wee Cycle It, Goodwill, etc). We’ve bought or borrowed some from friends. There’s no limit to what we’ve done to get Emma’s swimwear for this past year. Well, we didn’t steal. So I guess we didn’t do ANYTHING and there was a limit. Anyways, I never spent more than a couple bucks on her suits and some I got for $1 or less. Even though I went overboard and bought way too many, I never spent much getting them. I can’t wait to see what stores have on clearance in the weeks to come. Shopping trip this weekend? I think so!

This is how we do  swimwear at the Linkous house. It may change tomorrow. It may change with baby number two. It may never change at all. There are some things we are willing to be flexible on and other things that we are not. Be sure to set your boundaries and know where you stand as well as where you’re willing to bend in all areas. This includes modesty. This includes financially. Also, be sure to always include daddy in these decisions. It’s always so important that mom and dad stay on the same page. Always. Kids can smell division and know exactly how to break you. I know. I was that kid. I am so grateful my parents made decisions together and worked together. Did they have flaws? Sure, all parents do but when it was the stuff that was really important, the stuff that really mattered, they stood their ground and I’m glad they did. They’ve paved the way for us.

What are you doing about swimwear at your house? Any advice on certain standards you follow? Any advice on where you shop and where you get the best deals?


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