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Fall in Love…With Fall September 27, 2012

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I get frustrated when I hear people complain about fall. It’s too cold…it’s too dead…it’s too blah, blah, blah. I can say this because my mother and my husband are two of the biggest complainers I know when it comes to the season. It’s a battle in our households and on our way home from the beach, my dad and I were anticipating all the wonders of FALL. I’m sure JR and mom were secretly planning our deaths for such nasty talk. I want to offer encouragement to those of you who may not love fall. Or for those of you who do. Fall is here. Whether you want it or not, it’s here. I want to share with you the best ways I have found to embrace it and how to do so with your kids:

Make crafts. Last fall, Emma was in daycare and we made crafts for every fall season for her teachers. We also made crafts for her grandparents and us. It’s a lot of fun to sit down with her and do all the work. Ha! I’m excited that THIS YEAR she will be able to participate in the crafts we make and do for others. It’s also a cheap way to have fun projects. You can get a lot of ideas from pinterest or you can cheat and buy the kits they have in the dollar section of Target. Either way works.If you need an invite to Pinterest, please let me know!

Go to a corn maze. It’s early enough still that it’s not too terribly cold outside so you can go out and enjoy a good corn maze with your family. You can find family friendly corn mazes with fun foods and tractor rides. You can also find scarier ones that offer haunted houses/barns and such. I don’t think that’s up my alley. Or Emmas. We will gladly take our hot chocolate and wagon ride. They are normally pretty affordable and some may include a pumpkin patch where you can buy a pumpkin for your next project…

Carve pumpkins. There’s not much carving going on at the Linkous house but there can be a lot of playing with the innards of the pumpkin. Emma will love it. JR loves to carve pumpkins so we’ll let him do the beauty work. When I was little, my mom was an expert at pumpkins. Instead of carving one year, we painted them so this can be an option, too. She bought a short, fat one and painted it like Ernie from Sesame Street as well as a tall, thin one and painted it like Bert. I loved those pumpkins and still remember them to this day. It was one of the shining moments of my childhood. I doubt anything we make this year Emma will remember, but WE will remember it and make memories.

Cook! It’s never too early to teach your kids to cook and it’s fun to do as a family. Embrace pumpkin flavors and make all kinds of pumpkin things that your kiddos can enjoy- cookies, breads, soups, and more. Embrace cinnamon and nutmeg. Eat lots of easy crockpot soups. They taste good and are usually cheap to do. We’ve already had two this week. You will thank me, I promise. Also, try making some baked pumpkin seeds after you carve your pumpkin. It’s soooo easy! Dry them and sprinkle them with some olive oil and seasoning salt. Yum! Such a cheap and easy snack during those cool, fall evenings.

Watch football. It’s football time in Tennessee, and everywhere else. You can watch football on tv or take your kids to local games all way from midget league to college teams and even NFL teams based on where you live. It can be free on basic cable and even affordable by going to a local game and packing your food. We go to the Emory football game every homecoming and brought Emma last year. She slept through the whole thing but at least she wore her wasp colors. I am an Abingdon High alumni and figured this year we’d go to a few games there. My ten year reunion is this year. Yikes. I’m trying to say that enough that I actually believe it. All in time…

Take day trips. Based on where you live there are numerous options. If you live in the Abingdon or surrounding areas, there are multiple places you can go and experience. Take a ride on the creeper trail. Eat a picnic lunch at Backbone Rock. Watch the leaves change colors in Boone (and grab lunch at Storie Street Grille!). Spend a day relaxing as a family at Dollywood. The possibilities are endless and the prices can go from free to expensive. My favorite part is enjoying the outdoors while it’s not too hot and not too cold. Day trips in the fall are some of our best memories. I always enjoyed going to the Biltmore but have made promises to not make JR go back for another year or so. Something about getting season passes last year was just too much for him.

Enjoy the fashion for you and your child. Fall has some of the best clothes ever. There’s nothing like a pair of riding boots with a light sweater while sipping a pumpkin spice latte. There’s also nothing like matching your child to your attire. Enjoy putting together clothes for your kids and making your money stretch. Fall is a great time to use long sleeve onsies and leggings to make summer outfits carry through to the next season. It saves you money but also lets your expand your child’s wardrobe. I highly recommend taking some time to see what you have before you run out to the store to buy the next best thing. Your wallet will thank me. Your husband will thank me. You’re welcome.

Whether you love summer or winter or embrace everything about fall, I encourage you to take time to enjoy ALL the seasons that God gives us. I admit I’m biased and fall is my favorite so it’s easy to say this time of year, however, we are so incredibly blessed to live in a part of the country where you can experience all four seasons. To me that’s just wild. We will be pulling out our fall wardrobe this weekend and I can’t wait to see all I’ve packed away for Emma. I think I’m more excited about that than I am my boots. I hope you enjoy getting ready for fall, too!

How do you enjoy fall weather?


2 Responses to “Fall in Love…With Fall”

  1. rachel) Says:

    Awesome! My favorute season is fall too. I can breathe better outside so I get to do a lot more outside with the kiddos. Don’t forget land of oz at beech mtn the first weekend of Oct. Its awesome. And we go to Williams orchard for pumpkins hayrides and corn maze. Love it. I also am busiest during this time of year sewing. Now if I can just stay out of the hospital and do what I need to id be doing great!

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