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Cover Up October 3, 2012

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At the Linkous house, we seriously can’t get enough “cover up” items. What does this consist of? Well, it could be jackets, coats, raincoats, sweaters, vests, and more. Anytime we go into a store and I see a good deal, I have to grab it. It’s just not optional. Does this mean she has twenty jackets for this winter? Nope. It means she has a variety of layers for this year and then for the next two years. Remember, we stock up. We prepare for things in advance. We like to have our clothes long before we need them, that way we get the most bang for our buck, and we’re prepared. By shopping in advance we’ve been able to get some wonderful deals. Some amazing deals. I’ve been impressed with what we’ve found and wanted to share a few things with you today:

A rain jacket. I found Emma’s rain jacket before she was even born. It was one day that I was browsing the Old Navy sales rack and spotted a precious jacket in an 18-24 month size. It was this rain jacket. I wasn’t too sure about getting it until I saw the price was less than $5. I felt like I had to get it at that point. At that age, Emma will be walking around some and probably wanting down more than I want her to, even in the rain. This jacket was perfect for those days. I went back to Old Navy almost a year later and scored a matching rain hat for only .97. Woot woot! I was on cloud nine. Emma hasn’t been able to wear this yet, but it will be perfect for those rainy spring days. When Emma wants down. Now, I just want to find some rain boots to go along with it.

Light sweaters. My momma always wears sweaters. She stays cold, bless her heart. In return, she likes to buy Emma sweaters, too. We have a ton of cute ones in all sizes thanks to my momma. One of my favorites is this simple white one. We’ve worn it and definitely made the most out of it. I love it when we get our money out of something. Well, this time I guess we got my mom’s money out of it. Ha! Anyways, this sweater and others will work really great as a cover up this time of year and in the spring. It can be worn as a regular part of her attire once it gets colder and we’ll move on to bigger and heavier cover ups at that point.

Jackets. We have a few heavier jackets that are not full fledge coats. I like these for Emma to wear when it’s starting to get cold outside. It’s the perfect jacket for a walk down the trail behind our house or a September/early October football game. I also like these for car rides. When we stick Emma in a cold car, it’s not realistic to have a HUGE jacket on her to stuff in the car seat with her. This style fits her in the car seat and keeps her warm. When we get out, we can always put on the bigger coat. This specific one cost me $1 at Wee Cycle this year. I love it!

Coats. We have 2-3 coats that should span over the next year. Some of them are from last winter but Emma is so stinkin’ small that she never fit into them. She should be able to wear them earlier this winter and I’m glad. I love all my coats and hate for them to not be used. One of our coats we bought prior to Emma being born and before I even knew her gender. That’s why it’s white and navy. We should be able to use this one pretty easily with baby number two if we’d like, even if it’s a HE. The other coat I’m in love with is another one I found at Old Navy. We had a matching hat that she wore all last year. Poor Emma. Her head is a little big so she already outgrew it. She will be able to wear the jacket this year and it will look precious, especially on days where we have to be a little more dressed up.

Vests. One of the last things we’ve bought are vests. We seriously love a good, comfy, puffy vest.  Emma had a couple last year and she really enjoyed them because although she was warm, her arms were free to move around like she wanted them to. These are good to wear on days that aren’t too terribly cold, and like a sweater, can be worn as a normal part of your attire as long as it’s cold outside. We got our vests on clearance, at Wee Cycle, and Goodwill. I don’t think we’ve paid more than $2 for a vest and they’ve all been name brand.

The last thing we’ve done is stock up in advance. This year at Wee Cycle It, I was able to score a great deal on a jacket. In fact, I wasn’t planning on going to the coat section but in a moment of weakness, I browsed by. I’m glad I did! I spotted a nice jacket out of the corner of my eye. It was a size 3T BUT it was a Children’s Place jacket in like new condition for $1.50. What?!? I had no choice but to buy it. Who wouldn’t want that kind of a deal? And did I mentioned it’s lined? Because it is. I washed it when I came home and it’s hanging in the back of Emma’s closet so I won’t forget we have it. That would be a shame.

The great thing about coats is when you buy them in advance, you can get them for cheap. No joke. It’s a winter item that cannot survive the spring weather that people are anticipating. If there’s a spring sale going on, no one is buying that coat at full price. Most won’t buy it at half price. Then you find us scavenging the racks once it’s marked down to 75% off or less. We have been able to buy jackets and get them for a great deal. Most name brand kid jackets and coats cost between $30-$45 and we never paid more than $6, most below $2. I think we’ve done great preparing. Believe it or not, winter is almost here!

What are you doing to prepare for the colder months? How do you get all your outerwear?


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