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Yard Sales, Linkous Style October 5, 2012

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When I hear the words, “yard sale”, something inside of me jumps around with pure joy and excitement. I hear those words and are able to picture all the things I can get and how cheap I can get them. In fact, I love yard sales so much that people text and call me when they go to yard sales and see something they think I will want. I love that. I love that #1 people know I love yard sales and #2 people think to call me. If you’ve been one of those people, a big shout of to you today! I wanted to share some of the most recent yard sale scores we’ve had here. A lot of people think it’s getting colder outside so it’s time to sleep in on Fridays and Saturdays. Not true. Not true at all. Yard sales are just getting started and NOW is the time to go!

A couple weeks ago, I received a text from a friend telling me about a yard sale she was at one morning. The down side? We were on vacation and unable to drive back for the yard sale. I was completely bummed until I started getting pictures of the items from this yard sale. No way! I was able to rack up on so many things this way and got some great deals. I also went by the pick up my stuff this past week and bought some more things, too. My momma has been to a couple thrift sales and found things as well as other yard sales along the way. I wanted to share with you what I’ve got in the past few weeks and how I saved money by buying yard sale items versus brand new store items.

Item #1- Kelty Kids Meadow Carrier- JR has been wanting a carrier for quite some while now. Apparently we are going hiking and I didn’t know about it. And we really are. This Saturday is the big day. Looks like I bought this just in time! This carrier goes for about $90 on ebay and is normally well over $100 new. We were able to get this one for $40. This one also came with the plastic cover for rainy days which normally costs about $20-25 extra. I felt like this was a win for us since it would normally have been $150 new and we could only find it used for $90. Some other great things about this carrier is that will work until Emma is 40 pounds, it carries several things in the back for her, and it can also be set down with her in it and not fall over. This was a win!

Item #2- Dirt Devil Play Vacuum- Back at Wee Cycle It, I was on the hunt for a play vacuum cleaner and found an iron and ironing board set instead. Don’t get me wrong- we LOVE that set, but I had my heart set on a dirt devil vacuum like I had when I was little. We found a few options but nothing that I wanted to commit to buying. When I got my yard sale pictures, this beauty was included. I paid $3 for this and it normally retails for $20. What a deal! It was a little dusty but otherwise new. And the batteries weren’t in it. Even better because I have NO plans on replacing them.

Item #3- Playskool Talking Grill- This one here was a great find! When it was new as well as the newer models go for around $65. To find this used on ebay, you’re looking at $35. Mine was $3. It came with all the parts and looked brand new. This will be precious to put with Emma’s Christmas gift this year- her play kitchen. I can’t wait to grill out with her this winter on her new grill.

Item #4- Play Swing (outdoor)- We have several trees in our backyard. More trees than anyone could ever need. Luckily, they’re doing some construction and other work back there that’s decreasing our amount of trees. We still have a few and plan on getting some new rope to put this up for Emma. We paid $2 for this and I thought that was a steal. Granted, we will have to replace the rope and it is older, but new ones will go for $45 or more. I’m completely fine with buying new rope and saving $43. I doubt the rope will cost that much. Not even close.

Item #5- Play Rake- Emma can help JR this fall as he racks all of our leaves from our numerous trees. There was play shovel someone snatched before I could get it but that’s ok. I would prefer the rake anyways. I was able to get this rake for the low price of $1. Wow! What a deal. I love a good deal and a good toy, too. This toy was still in great shape and will be perfect for several years for Emma to use.

Chalkboard Side

Whiteboard Side

Item #6- Crayola Chalk & Dry Erase Easel- I love this. It gives Emma the opportunity to use both sides and play school like I did when I was little. It will be great to work on spelling her name, doing math, and hopefully playing with her little brother or sister one day. Ours has a little wear and tear but not much. The majority is just writing on the inside of it but that could easily be painted and covered up. We got this for $5 and they sell the exact same one for $55 brand new. Now THAT is a deal!

Item #7- Books. I love a good book. I love books that look antique. We were able to find 5 books and got them all for $.50 total. We never turn down a good book at the Linkous house and the same would be true for Emma. We found several dated back to the 1970s and those are my absolute favorites. They look older but are still put together well which leads me to truly believe that things aren’t as good as they use to be. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to continue yard saling to find all we want that’s in better shape than the new stuff we have.

Item #8- Stride Rite Mary Janes- my momma found this deal. As you know, we are big Stride Rite people at our house and Emma is currently a size 2.5 so she wears a size 3. In the next 4-6 months she will move up to a size 4. My mom found these mary janes, in a size 4, and got them for $4. They look brand spankin’ new! The tread is completely on them with not one scuff. I’m glad she stumbled upon this buy. These shoes normally go for about $40 when not on sale.

Item #9- Duck Bath Toy Holder- this is our most recent find. This is one of the simple mesh bath toy holders that has the suction cups that will stick onto the bathtub wall. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures as this is still in my momma’s car. Thanks momma! We have been looking for awhile but haven’t found one that we loved, wasn’t oversized, and wasn’t the cost of an arm and two legs. We were able to get this one for $1 and similar ones go for $10-15. This one wasn’t brand new but it was in very good, like new, condition. I am very excited to get this up and ready for Emma!

Not all these items will go to Emma now. In fact, several of them are for Christmas and a few are for her birthday next year. We like to buy stuff in advance and let things be a surprise. Some toys are still a little too beyond her and luckily, spreading out when she gets them helps. It helps us and our bank, too. We also love a good yard sale. I can’t tell you how many amazing deals we’ve gotten that have helped us in the long run. So far we have saved a lot of money on just Christmas alone and been able to get way more than we ever could have done otherwise.

Any tips on how to shop yard sales? What has been your best deal?


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