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Getting Down on the Farm October 9, 2012

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Emma & Sara

This past Friday, we were blessed with the opportunity to go and visit the farm of a friend. We had to go by and pick up a Trader Joe’s order and planned to spend some extra time visiting with all the animals. I was interested to see what Emma would think of everything. Here’s an adventure into a day on the farm with Emma…

Sara & Mama Chick

Emma watching the chickens

We arrived and greeted Sara. I love coming over to Sara and Will’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever come up their driveway and not seen Sara sitting on the front porch. If I had a wrap around porch on a farm, that’s where I would be, too. She had her chicken feed ready to go and we walked around to the front of the house where all the chickens went to hide. Apparently, the sound of car coming up the gravel driveway was enough to cause them to run. Who knew? They were hanging out under the shrubs and bushes waiting for the “ok” from mama chick to come back out. Let me tell you something, the rooster may be the leader of the pack but mama makes the calls. She decided quickly if food was nearby, it was safe. Typical woman being guided by her stomach. She came out and hopped about as Sara fed her and the other chickens weren’t too far behind. Emma was very interested. She looked intensely at the chickens trying to figure out exactly what they were doing. After looking around and taking it all in, she finally determined what she was seeing. With a squeal, she declared “Allie!” Oh Emma. All animals are Allie.

The next stop we made was saying hello to Will, Sara’s husband. She walked over to him and decided to take a break in the gravel driveway. All the rocks were new and fun toy for her to discover. Every once in awhile she would pick one up and put it towards her mouth. I had to take on the roll of mean mommy and take it away. Other than this, she was perfectly content with hitting the rocks together and moving them from place to place. Will and Sara have an awesome house and even more awesome driveway. Emma could have sat there for hours soaking up the sun and hitting rocks together.

Emma meets Veda

Our next stop was their sweet horse, Veda. When I hear that name, I instinctively start singing the theme song to “My Girl”. Veda was a very lovable horse. She was also a very hungry horse. She didn’t want much to do with Emma or anyone else as long as food was involved. Her main agenda was food and food alone. Once she finished up eating and was able to focus on something else, she showed some interest in us. She checked Emma out and Emma was so excited to get her attention. She talked to her. She said hello. She called her Allie, too. And then Veda licked her and Emma’s heart was stolen. She loves that horse and a bond was forever formed with her.

Tractor Driving

The last thing we did for the day was take a ride on the tractor. When I say take a ride on the tractor, I mean we sat on it. With no keys in it. Using our imagination. Emma turned the steering wheel and touched the gear shifts, too. It’s as if she was driving the tractor. If money was no object I would buy her a tractor for fun. Unfortunately money is an object so there will be no tractor at the Linkous house. Emma will have to use her imagination and visit the Henry farm for any tractor riding in her near future.

Emma checking out life on the Henry farm

The lesson at the end of the day was we had a blast. We were only there for a little while but it introduced Emma to a whole new world. She saw things that she has never seen before. She touched things she had never felt before. She embraced a new part of life. We let her embrace these things, too. We didn’t follow every step she made. We didn’t scrub her hands down with everything she touched. We let her be a child. We let her enjoy life. We let her start to become who she is. Emma embraces life. Emma embraces everything and I’m so lucky to be a part of all these little things that show her personality and who she is, even if it’s something as small as calling out, “Allie”, to the chickens as they walk by. She is experiencing where she is from and who she is. I want to grow up teaching her who she is and what she is about. I want to spend a little time with Emma growing up down on the farm.

What are you doing to show your child who he or she is, where they are from and what they are all about?


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