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Mommy’s Top Five…Again! October 10, 2012

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It seems to be that time again when Emma’s needs and wants change and, therefore, my list of favorite things change. It’s no longer viable for me to be in love with her bumbo seat she can’t fit into or a bouncer that she weighs to much to sit in now. I have had to say “goodbye” to those things until #2 comes and say “hello” to some new favorites. It reminds me of that song- hello, hello, I don’t know why I say goodbye, I say hello…anyways, here are some of my new favorites. These aren’t all of them but in line with last time, I am sticking to a “top five” list to keep myself from going too crazy.

Emma and her sippy cup

BPA Free Sippy Cups- Emma loves her sippy cups with the squishy plastic tops. She has some that are hard plastic and she’ll take those, too, but she prefers the squishy ones when it comes down to it. I guess flexible would be the more appropriate description but I think squishy so that’s what I say. What I love as a mommy are the sippy cups that are BPA free. Nowadays, stores cannot sell kid cups unless they’re BPA free, however, there are plenty lingering around at yard sales and such that have plenty of BPA in them to make up for the ones you have without it. I like knowing that what we’re putting in Emma’s body is safe. BPA has been linked to, but not proven to cause, cancer and that is enough for me to say “no”. We’re going BPA free here, including our sippy cups.

Emma in her highchair with her sippy cup, again

Highchairs- These seriously rock. Once Emma started feeding herself it made such a huge difference to have the highchair versus none. Feeding Emma every meal and snack gets exhausting. Once she can feed herself, cleaning up the trail of food and messes made is even more exhausting. The highchair keeps her mess contained and gives her own place to eat at the table. She has her place and her mess, mommy and daddy have theirs. Not to mention that Emma’s highchair is a family heirloom that has been passed down through three generations. Emma also has a highchair that straps into the chair at mom and dad’s house. We brought this one to the beach and we loved it, too. It kept things easy and didn’t take up too much room packing it. Woohoo for highchairs and woohoo for feeding ourselves!

Puffs- These are the best. Snacks. Ever. We normally buy the Plum organic puffs for Emma and they come in several different places. Where we live, there is a bigger selection of them at Babies R Us but sometimes we just cannot make that drive so Target will do. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they tasted good, too. This makes things easier on mommy because I can snack, too, and not gag. I also enjoy the fact that what we’re feeding her is certified organic and healthy for her without any additional additives. It costs us a little more but it pays off with the piece of mind we have. It’s totally worth it to us to know we’re feeding her something easy that’s also safe. What a deal!

Emma’s Crib

Cribs- I didn’t get what all the fuss was about with cribs and how wonderful they were. Emma slept in her pack and play for the first 13 months of her life (minus the short time she slept in her carseat due to illness) and seemed to do well. Our crib is a hand me down that unfortunately has a drop side that had to be fixed. It took a little longer to fix than expected (due painting it, the parts being hard to find and in all honestly, some laziness, too). The first night Emma slept in her crib she was out like a rock. Every night since then has been the same. There hasn’t been any waking up at 3am crying. I guess having a comfortable mattress does that. When Emma’s in it, she goes to sleep and stays asleep. I like this thing more and more every day and wish now that we had used it sooner.

Our car seats- I love our new car seats. Love may even be an understatement. I love that Emma now has extra room to move around and she  enjoys car rides more. They both have the ability to be rear and front facing so they are able to be used for years to come. The best part?  We bought them at Wee Cycle It! We bought Britax car seats and let me tell you, those things are TOUGH. They feel like steel is wrapped all around them which makes me feel good about it. We know Emma is safe. There is no greater feeling than knowing your child is safe and her comfort is just an added bonus.

These are a few of my favorite things at the Linkous house. I’m sure they will change again soon but these are them for now. There are twenty thousand other things I love, too, but these made the cut. I hope this helps you in finding and using things for your little one(s).

What are some of your favorite things for you kids?


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