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Emma’s Top Five…Again! October 11, 2012

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Emma has some favorite things. Her favorite things have grown and changed with her. While she still loves her binky and her paby just as much as before, there are new things that add on and have become favorites, too. I love watching her once she finds something she really, really loves. She is focused and set on that one thing. And don’t even try to take it away. Don’t. Even. Try.

Allie. This goes without saying but I said it anyways. Allie is her favorite thing ever. Mommy and daddy are ok, but Allie is AWESOME. She says her name about 20,000 times each day and every animal is Allie, too. Her favorite thing to do currently is play fetch with Allie. She holds the ball and throws it, too. Allie will bring her ball at least once a night ready for a good game. Another favorite thing is to let Allie smell (and sometimes lick) inside her mouth. We’re trying to break her of this one. Truthfully, it makes me almost vomit when I see it. Sometimes I can’t get there fast enough and the damage is done. I can’t wait to tell future dates about this. This should keep her single for awhile.

Noah’s Ark. She loves her Little People and her Noah’s Ark set is her favorite. She has a tug boat set and Santa is bringing her a farm set, too. She loves to make the animal sounds. Every time she picks up the lion she makes the cutest little roar sound EVER. It’s precious. The lion doesn’t even sound mean. If I heard a lion roar like that I’d probably pet it. She also likes to chew on Noah’s head. I’m not sure what that means, but she likes it. And sometimes the zebra goes for a ride on the tugboat. It’s a fun world we live in at the Linkous house!

Cooking. Emma fell in love with a cabinet I have at the house that had all of my cookware in it along with some other things Emma shouldn’t play with like my mamaw’s china. I revamped this cabinet and made it Emma friendly. She loves it. She will sit in front of it for thirty minutes at a time getting stuff out and putting it back. She also likes when I get my pots and pans out and she pretends to cook. How does she know to do that? I’m just glad that I’m doing something right and cooking enough at home that she knows what to do and how to do it.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=403588009696538 (this is the link to not only our facebook page, but Emma’s most recent dance moves)

Dancing. Emma has the moves like Jagger, that is for sure. She moves every time she hears a beat. My favorite is when she hears the theme song to The Office. She can been in a dead sleep and hear that and she sits up, dances, and then goes back to sleep. I need to record that one sometime. The other night we had the radio playing in her room and began dancing with her. We finished one song and it wasn’t enough. We did two songs and it STILL wasn’t enough. After the fourth song I had to just quit. I was WORN OUT. And apparently out of shape, too.

Bath toys . Emma loves bath time and always has. She is a water dog. She loves the pool just as much. When she started out loving bath time she wasn’t too intrigued by the toys and I wasn’t sure if she ever would be. Then one day it just clicked and now she can’t take a bath without them. We had them in a wipe container but I found this beauty at a yard sale for $1. We love it. We can keep Emma’s toys in the tub and this lets all the water drain out. I’m so glad I found this. The only thing Emma is still uncertain about is getting her hair washed. She doesn’t have time for all that nonsense when toys are involved. We were crazy to think bath time should ever be about anything else.

These are Emma’s current favorites. I know they will change. They’ve already changed several times. I’m trying to take it in day by day and remember the things she loved. For her sake as well as ours. Our kids grow up way too fast. I know I’ve blinked and Emma is no longer a baby. She’s my little toddler girl who was in my belly what seems like just yesterday. I want to embrace her life and all that’s in it, including all the things she has loved to do along the way.


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