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A Tale of Two Births, Part 1: A Medicated Hospital Birth October 23, 2012

Today’s post is from one of my best friends, Stacy, of Stacy Makes Cents. Stacy is such an awesome woman and I hope you enjoy her guest post as I enjoy her in general! She will continue in our series of childbirth and share the differences between a medicated and natural birth. After all, she’s done both and can give us great advice on each option! Join us back tomorrow as she shares Part 2!

Holding Annie

I have two children: Annie (3) and Andrew (8/26/12). They each arrived in this world very differently, but I learned a lot about myself and the medical profession with each of them. I’ll tell you a little bit about each birth and then give the pros and cons for medicated versus un-medicated births.

“Birth is not only about making babies. It’s about making mothers: strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength.” ~Barbara Katz Rothman

My first child, Annie, came after 16 hours of labor…but I was medicated the entire time. It started at 7am when my water broke during my morning walk. No contractions immediately followed, and after a visit at the OB, I went to the hospital at their direction. Hospital policy is that a mother has 24 hours after her water breaks before a baby must be on the scene (they’re trying to avoid lawsuits if something should go wrong), so if your water breaks before your contractions start and you immediately head for the hospital, they are going to put you on pitocin to get your contractions started.

Contractions with pitocin are HARD to handle. They’re un-natural and come with force. It’s a chain of events: get pitocin and then get an epidural to handle the pitocin contractions.

Hooked Up

I did not prepare myself for the birth of my first child. I spent all my time reading books about what happened AFTER she got here…so, I wasn’t prepared to answer questions or ask my own questions about what was happening to me.

I felt like I was hooked up to every machine in the world, but everything went just fine (even with a few hints at needing a c-section if I didn’t start to progress) and Annie came out kicking. J It was only later that I found out that I did not indeed need pitocin so early – I could have waited to see if contractions would have started on their own. I declared then that I would be ready the next time around.

I was treated well, but I was treated like I didn’t know anything – and I didn’t! Always go into birth prepared and knowledgeable…always.

Never underestimate the power and determination of a pregnant woman who is told she cannot~Desirre Andrews

Mommy and Annie

Pros of Medicated Childbirth:

-Mostly pain free

-Monitored very closely to ensure safety of mother and child

-Since you feel no pain, some mothers report they enjoyed the birth more

-Medication helps ease some anxiety

-If a mother is nervous and tense, medication helps her loosen up and get ready for pushing

-Not exhausted before time to push

-Able to rest when needed

-More likely to be able to accept visitors during labor

Cons of Medicated Childbirth:

-Some medication has the possibility of being harmful to the baby and mother

-The mother is “hands off” and things are handled by the doctor

-You’re not able to move around – you’re strapped to the bed with monitors

-Mothers with pitocin are more likely to end up with a c-section

-Some mothers report a longer time to recuperate after the birth

-Epidurals are reported to cause pushing time to be longer

-Medication can cause babies to be sluggish after birth

-Epidurals can mess with a mother’s blood pressure, causing a medical emergency

-Some mothers end up with a “spinal headache” that can last for weeks

AnnaLeigh Joy Myers

Even though I was not 100% pleased with my first birth, I was happy to have a healthy child. I was glad that I was so well taken care of and that the staff was concerned with my safety.

After this birth, I was determined that my second child would be born naturally. Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you a look into how that went and the pros and cons of a natural birth.

Stacy is a stay-at-home mom to her two children, Annie (3) and Andy (newborn). After an “awakening” in March 2011, her family switched to a more natural, whole foods diet. She likes to blog about how to live on less than you make and how to eat good food while doing it. Her passion is teaching others how to save money and she tag teams with her husband in this endeavor. At Stacy Makes Cents you’ll find information on how to save money in the kitchen, how to have fun with your kids, and how to be thrifty in all areas of life. Her passion is teaching others how to live debt free. Make sure to follow her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/stacymakescents) and Twitter(https://twitter.com/stacymakescents) to keep up with her daily antics.


8 Responses to “A Tale of Two Births, Part 1: A Medicated Hospital Birth”

  1. Bev Says:

    I had two children as well and both started out with my water breaking and then nothing… the first time I went totally natural and it took awhile to get my contractions going and I had a very natural birth even though she was upside down. her face came out first. There was talk if she had been bigger I would have had a c-section. my second my son was the same size as my first but they asked since I was starting with my water breaking and then nothing would I like to go ahead and use pitocin..I said yes because with my first the length of time I was in labor just exausted me. so the second time I choose to get it going. I loved going the pitocin way myself since my son was born in less then 2 hours and I still had so much energy to play with him and cuddle him and such when he first arrived. I did not have any other drugs with him so he was a natural birth except for getting it moving along.. that was 33 and 31 years ago. When having the child naturally was the “in” thing to do. But I would not have had it any other way.

  2. Ali Says:

    Every birth is as individual as the baby, but I agree that you must be well informed. I had a hospital birth but had the same midwife during pregnancy and labour (all 15, unmediated hours!). It was great to have the encouragement of someone who knew me and understood my baby but the real value came when things got complicated but I was too exhausted to make sound decisions! If you can have supportive people around you, you’re already ahead of the game!

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