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Making a Mommy Basket October 29, 2012

As I’ve said before, I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. I feel wonderful in pregnancy, even when I’m vomiting. That sounds so strange but it’s true. I just really love the feeling of being pregnant and knowing that what is happening in me can only be described as a work of God. There’s no other way to comprehend or explain it. Something I love just a little less than being pregnant myself is having friends that are pregnant. I love being able to share in that moment with someone else and welcome their little one into the world. I thought it was just first time moms but no, it’s ALL moms. I love 1st time babies just as much as 3rd timers. Babies are just awesome. In the time leading up to the baby, there are some things I love to do for moms and I think we should all do something special for mommies. I wanted to share with you some gifts to get for the mommy-to-be. I don’t always get ALL of these items, but I always include a couple with each mommy gift.

Belly Butter- Be nice to momma. Momma loves a smooth belly and no stretch marks. You can buy numerous brands but I would try to go natural. I love finding stuff at Mom’s Milk Boutique. If you sign up for their mailing list, they usually send codes for free stuff and who doesn’t love free stuff? They specialize in more than just belly butter. They are very nursing mom and going natural mom friendly. You can find cloth diapers, cleaners, nursing bras, and more here. You can also watch baby steals and often times Earth Mama, Angel Baby is running half price. Woohoo for sale prices!

Therapearl Packs- I adore these things. I used these while I was nursing and weaning both. They can be frozen and they can be heated in the microwave. There is nothing like cold pads while you’re milk is coming in or while you’ve got sore nipples. There is nothing like a hot pad on your breasts while you are weaning and any time you may get mastitis or clogged ducts. They can also be used by moms that aren’t nursing. They are helpful at the beginning when you’re letting your milk dry up. They’d be great for hemorrhoids after child birth as well as that awful sore back you get. They will be great for your kids as they grow and get bumps and bruises. They don’t last forever so you will have to buy new ones eventually but I am still using mine for different things here and there.

Halo Sleep Sack– I love these things. We got our free one from the hospital and bought many more after we figured out how much we loved them. They sell them for pretty cheap at Bristol Regional but we found several at Wee Cycle It that we bought after having Emma. Sometimes you can even find them on clearance at Target. There are several other brands of sleep sacks, but the Halo brand is our personal favorite. They just work best for us and I like to get them for new mommies.

Nursing Supplies- If I know a mom is going to nurse, I buy her supplies for that especially if it’s her first time. There are so many things you need. The list could go on and on. You can get cover ups from many different places but my personal favorite is from udder covers. They have great cover ups and they’re affordable. If you know the momma is going to pump you can get things for that, too. Even if she’s pumped before she can use extra wipe cleaners, disposable breast pads for the beginning, and more. Something else that would be good is something with Red Raspberry Leaf in it, whether is be tea or capsule. It helps with natural milk production. I plan on buying this in bulk next time. I need as much help as I can get. You can get these from Vitacost for pretty cheap and they’re organic and all natural. You can sign up through my vitacost to get $10 off your first order.

Car Seat Cover & Carrier- the sister sites for Udder Covers often has car seat covers and baby slings for pretty affordable prices, too. Most all babies need a car seat cover and some mommies like to do slings. I loved it when Emma was a newborn. I could go into a store and this cover could help me carry her and keep her away from wandering hands. I can’t stand it when someone comes out from no where to grab and touch your baby. Seriously? Back the truck up.

Baby Attire- I love buying baby clothes. This is just the fashionista in me. I can’t help it. I have been able to find a lot of cute clothes on sale but my absolute favorite was a sweater I bought for Andy. Luckily Stacy loves Goodwill and doesn’t get offended by gifts from there. I was able to get him a Gymboree raccoon sweater. It was precious. If Emma was still small, I would have let her wear it once or twice first. Ha! Just joking…but seriously, I may have kept it. It was that cute. I can’t wait to see Andy in it for the very first time. It will melt my heart.

These are just some of the things I get for mommy’s as gifts. I think it’s such an important and exciting time for mommies and we need to pamper them as much as possible. They’re getting ready to do one of the most important things women were created to do. Celebrate and love them. After all, once that baby comes it’s no longer about them. Make it about them for as long as you can.

What do you do special for new mommies?


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