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Fall Into Over the Rainbowtique November 1, 2012

When I got my fall shipment in from Over the Rainbowtique, I seriously ran inside like a small child to open up my order. I couldn’t wait to see the bows we had picked out for Emma in person. I have to say, this is my favorite order I’ve received from Over the Rainbowtique. This is my third order with them and I get more impressed every time. We tried to stick with items this time that were appropriate for the upcoming fall weather and could be used regularly and not just “on occasion”. Here is what we went with and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Parisian bow

Emma sporting her parisian bow and poodle shirt

Close up of           parisian bow

This is my favorite one this time around ordering. I knew I was leaving for France last Friday and wanted my daughter to send me off in style. She already had a Parisian poodle shirt so I figured this would be a perfect addition. As tough as it was to go, it made it easier seeing her precious little face and knowing I’m be coming back to it. I love my little girl more than words can say and although I love Paris, it can’t even compare to the love I have for my daughter.

Candy Corn bow

Candy Corn Bow & Halloween Shirt

I know, I said I only bought bows that could be worn regularly. Well, I personally feel like we can get a lot of use out of this one. Before leaving for France, I bought an “I love my mummy” shirt for Emma to wear when she picks me up from the airport. It’s definitely Halloween based so this bow will fit right in. Candy corn goes beyond Halloween to me though. I think she will be able to wear it in the fall as it’s the same colors of fall- orange and yellow. It would also be really cute with complimentary colors. I refuse to only use it one time a year. Also, she will be able to get use out of it for several years at Halloween. Win!

Fall Flowers

Flower Bow

Fall Flower Bow Close Up

I love fall colors and I love flowers. Talk about a great combination. We got Emma this fox shirt and leaf skirt set last Christmas on clearance and I just loved it. I didn’t have a bow to go with it and didn’t think much about it until this beauty showed up in the mail. I knew it was the hairbow to go with this outfit and I cannot wait for her to wear it more. If you remember, this was her outdoors shirt when we went hiking. So many purposes!

Fall Swirls

Looking Like a Little Lady

Fall colors without being as specific. When we went on vacation to Savannah, JR picked out this outfit for Emma for less than $5 at an Old Navy clearance sale. Do you see a pattern here? We love clearance, consignment, and yard sales. No joke. While we were on vacation, mom and I spent our shopping day visiting consignment and thrift stores. We just can’t get enough of them! Anyways, this outfit matches my giraffe print baby legs we got for Emma. I am seriously in love with baby legs, especially this fall. It’s wonderful to change her diaper without having to take off tights or leggings. Baby legs seriously rock my face off.

You’ve caught Over the Rainbowtique just in time. They are preparing to come out with several new bows and other items for the upcoming holidays, weather, and themes. The best part is this gets BETTER! Noel is offering 20% off your order through November 15th. Enter the code “bowsale20” at checkout. I can’t wait to get more things for Emma. I also cannot wait to get stuff for my cousin’s, Kelly, little baby. I will be ordering stuff for them. That’s for sure! The great thing about Over the Rainbowtique is they have boy AND girl friendly items so you can buy baby gifts for everyone.

What is your favorite bow from their website?


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